Wednesday, June 13, 2007

day at the park

mix one toddler, one hungry baby, 87 degrees, and the park and you get my day of "why the heck did we leave the house again?" augustine decided to climb the big slide all by himself! and while im standing there beaming with pride at his courageous expression a line starts forming behind him and kids are getting pushy and the boy.will.not.move. instead he yells "i want mama!" which means he wants to go down the slide WITH me. he was totally unphased by the line of children behind him saying go! go dang it! (sidebar: while at the park i heard a little girl no more than 4 ask her mom "what the hell is that?" and the mom had no negative reaction. simply went on to explain what the hell it was i suppose. O___o) so picture me drenched in sweat because for some reason i took the kids to the void-of-trees-and-thus-shade park, holding a screaming baby, BEGGING my son to come down the slide. i picked the nicest looking mama in the group and asked her to hold olive for a second then i busted up the stairs every few seconds apologizing to kids along the way and eventually went down the slide with auggie on my lap.

then he got back in line.

*face palm*


Anita said...

Oh my kids want to go to the park....I shouldn't have watched your video! lol I have totally been there. I hate trying to gather up the gusto to actually TRUST someone to hold my baby while taking care of the situation.

Maria. said...

I love it! I cannot tell you how often paige would freak out on stuff like that. Then she thought it was cool that mommy would climb the ladder and slide down the twisty slide with her. Sometimes it is awesome to share those experiences with our children, no matter who is waiting in line. Several times I have carried my infant up with me to slide down with Paige! Take Olive next time, she might enjoy it! Just kidding girl! :)

P.S. Don't you wish that there were videos of ourselves when we were little going down the biggest slide at the park? I loved watching David do that!

jenny mae. said...


i think thats why i journal, take pictures, and make videos - so the kids have a good record of their childhood!