Thursday, June 14, 2007

olive, aka the baby who won't stop smiling

she is always doing expressive things with her eyebrows like this!

i think im going to start taking a weekly shot of them on the couch together.

oh and please ignore this silly video. ok DON'T, it's cute but in that wow, jenny SURE is a mom isn't she? sort of way.

popcicle nirvana for augustine. he actually says thank you after i give it to him. score!

you know it's funny how quickly your brain can shift gears and develop a new default. i usually get the mail and throw out recycle any coupons and ads straight away. i might browse them a little for restaurant coupons though. (love me some arby's i wont lie!) now instead of fantasizing about what i would get from whatever restaurant is on the coupon i try to devise ways to get them to give us their grease! ha. tonight we went as a family and got some waste vegetable oil from penn station subs. we are going to be averaging about 25 gallons given to us each week. gesh i cant imagine burning through 25 gallons in just a week though. fyi the waste vegetable oil burns at the same ratio as gas does. i certainly dont think we have filled up the tank every week previously so i think we're in great shape. i think maggie and austin are going to get moving on a wvo run car of their own so clearly we will just share it with them.


Sarah said...

olive is sooo precious! I love her eyebrow expressions! great idea about the weekly pics, may have to steal that one from you. :)

jenny mae. said...

how fun would it be to see one every week for a year+ ?!

Sarah said...

yes, wrap it up in a little video montage and play "We're going to be friends" from the Curious George soundtrack! hmmm, I feel a project coming on!

jenny mae. said...


oh and is ali going to do that "homebirth from a husband's point of view" thing? ive asked david to do it but he's maaaad busy at work. i think it would be great to read both of them!

Sarah said...

he said yes, but I have a feeling I'll have to nag him about it. like a mad man, his dissertation comes first (freak!). haha.

jenny mae. said...

oh yes im definitely going to have to beg and plead for him to get it done before olive's first birthday too.