Tuesday, June 26, 2007

happy dancing olive

happy days begin with happy children


rayray said...

that shirt is so cute :D your kids are adorable. :) i just commented on your youtube birth video saying you guys are awesome, and it's good to see punk rock parents having a homebirth, and your tattoos are beautiful. you guys are so cool, it makes me want to move back to ohio so i can be friends with you guys. :D (i used to live in cincinnati) ...so i'm having a homebirth in december, and my last birth was at a hospital, induced ("post dates" but they were actually wrong...) and an epidural. :p i finally convinced my husband that a homebirth will not cause me to die. :p anyhoo, i was wondering, how was it for ya, doing the homebirth after the hospital? all i can think of is how nice it will be to be HOME, without a million nurses coming and going all day and night...and not having to starve all day long (while i was being induced i didn't get to eat for 15 hours, and the stomach cramps were killing me.) eek. anyway. sorry this was so long.

you rock :D

rayray said...

it's me again! i was looking at a blog of yours from april and you said your husband made you a large format print of you nursing olive. which just made me wonder if your husband is in the printing industry? :p just curious, my husband is, so...yeah. just wondering :D

jenny mae. said...

regarding the printing - yes he does large format printing for a commercial photography studio.

my son was born in a hospital, induced for idiotic reasons (my bag of water ruptured and i wasnt in labor after 12 hours). i also had an epidural. being at home was 100 times better! much more relaxing, peaceful, and i felt much more in control. my daughter was born 2+ weeks post term. i dont get why that is such a bad thing in the medical community! babies have their own clocks and they know better than anyone when they should be born.