Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ruled by inanimate objects

sometimes our days are ruled by a mood or event. i know that happens to me all the time. ill get fixated on one emotion and it just swallows up my day for the most part. rarely though is ones day ruled by an inanimate object. enter yesterday where, when my dad dropped off augustine (he spent the night at my parents house) he forgot the holiest of holies. LOVEY. only when he was about to lay down for a nap did we notice this and no amount of reassurance would convince him that he could in fact go to sleep without him. i mean i dont blame him, he's never gone to sleep without him since he was 3 months old. so we had to be carted to marysville (which is 30+ minutes away) and then back all the while trying to keep auggie awake because if the boy naps in the car for even 20 minutes during our commute the day is shot sleep wise and he will be Cranky Mcfusserson Whino. (sidebar: lately when he gets really tired he starts growling and twice he bit me! all part of him still needing two naps yet only taking one i feel.) so Mcfusserson and lovey were reunited and i was victorious in keeping the in-car naps away (by singing every annoying and entertaining song i could think of to him). needless to say i might just have to take a paddle to my dad if he forgets lovey again. this is the THIRD time. *shakes finger*

i can't stop reading - big problem huh? ever since i decided to read while nursing ive finished so many books!! this is one other tiny reason i wonder if more children are right for us. i really get a lot out of reading (and personal time in general). if i have no time to read i think part of me will be lost.

this mornings cup of tea brought to me by girl_xxx. thank you!!! she sent me a "tea care package" filled to the brim with all different flavors. todays tea - orange blossom. mmm... the last two mornings ive taken a chapter from my dad's ol cookbook and made homemade hashbrowns with onions and red peppers. reminds me of camping - he always made homemade hashbrowns on the outdoor grill. oh and im making banana nut bread later this after noon. let's see if auggie let's the batter bake before eating it all this time.

augustine is doing so well learning to go on the potty. of course im unsure how much he's going in his diapers but i feel like he's about 50/50. so my question is this - should i invest in cloth training pants or attempt to go straight to underwear for him? non-parents reading this could probably care less but oh! the life of a mama.


melanie said...

i am just training our son now too, and have found that he needed, at first to be completely "neked". otherwise he felt like he could just go in his pants. as long as he had nothing on, he would run for the potty. eventually then i could just put little undies on him, and NO PROBLEM! (well, ok, occasional accidents, of course)..the only problem i am having now is that he won't go poo on the toilet. he waits until bedtime (when i put a diaper on him) and then does his biniss. heh. *sigh*. always something to figure out, hey? i guess that's what keeps us on our toes.
good luck!!!
you've got some CUTE kiddos by the way. :)

jenny mae. said...

augustine acts the same way. he thrives potty training when he is naked. maybe im being a naive and optimistic but i really want to avoid cleaning up accidents! i think this has been the biggest hindrance to the whole issue.

Alia said...

Noah JUST used the potty for the first time this weekend! (major excitement in our household) and not #1...number TWO!! and he's done it 2 more times... all nakies. (He still hasn't done number one yet--go figure.) So yeah... i'm all about a naked toddler right now.

And Noah never developed an attachment object. Well, unless you count me ;).

tisfortara said...

with zrg we waited until it was warm and we did the naked boy thing and the fifteen minute question thing.

you gotta go - go! and a drop would come out but he started getting the idea.

then we did the treat trick - we went to target and bought him seven! toys (but they weren't meaningless) - we got him a harmonica, one of those crazy microphones, a cheap xylophone, and all music stuff - and we wrapped them and put them on a high shelf.
when he did the stinks (that what we call it) (go figure) - he got the toy.
seven days later it was down to jelly beans and another week - he was a pro.

i say let the boy roam free - and we didn't do the baby potty we just put the dora seat on.

oh! and we taught him first by sitting down pointing his penis down. we figured that way he MIGHT poop and once everything was down he started standing.

and he was clothe diapered and i just bought him the puffy underpants and then after those two weeks of no accidents - we got thomas and spidey underpants.

(side note: he still has to wear them backwards so he can SEE spidey_

tisfortara said...

i'm gonna try the html thing but if it doesn't work this shirt i thought was semi-precious.

jenny mae. said...

i love that shirt!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a few pairs of the cloth training panties for Zoey and thought they were a waste! they really didn't seem much different than normal underwear because if Zoey had an "accident" they still needed to be changed just like any other pair and they really don't hold that much...I wonder also since Auggie is a cloth diaper baby if he'll view the "training" pants to be just like a diaper and not really get the concept of "big boy" pants? just my thoughts...Megan

jenny mae. said...

megan -

so far the general consensus is that cloth training pants are pretty useless and to go straight to underwear. that's what we've done and so far it's been pretty good.