Thursday, September 27, 2007

lots of topics all at once

she's cute but a minute ago she pooped all over my new carpet. (and was happy as a clam about it too ill add) this is what i get for letting her romp around sans diaper. she has a wee diaper rash and air is the best method of recovery from such a thing. i love scotchguard

i am really excited about the time travelers wife (read it here) being made. i think the casting is perfect except eric bana who is going to play henry. (rachel mcadams will be claire and ron livingston is the perfect gomez i think - except for maybe peter saarsgard). eric bana is meh. it's not who i picture henry being, no one really springs to mind i suppose. any other suggestions for those who have read it?

sunday david let me sleep in until 10! then i took another 45 minute nap at noon when olive laid down. fantastic!!!! i felt really energized. a girl can never have too much sleep. well unless you are olive who has been getting up 5-6 times per night now that she is sick.

monday i drove to marysville to get an adjustment. i woke up and found my lower back practically immobile so i didn't think i could make it through the day without an adjustment. i ran out of veggie oil on the way back and had to run the car on diesel. i was not happy! this is the first time this has ever happened. grumpus is me. it was also 90 degrees out and silly me made my appointment at 1 pm - oh and there's no a/c in my car. i had to stop at a rest stop on the way there and get some water from a vending machine i was so overheated. auggie drank a whole water unto himself between there and back.

after that i spent some quality time with michelle and saylor. we went to the bug park (AGAIN) wednesday, this time with carrie anne and caden and we had a picnic. saylor is borrowing auggie's octopus halloween costume and i can't wait to see him in it! olive is going to be a lady bug, i dont think ive mentioned that have i? i saw it in the clothes we borrowed from maria and duane and was SO delighted to see it. i have no idea what auggie is going to be. something that doesn't cost a lot of money - how about that?

david and olive are taking a bath together right now. i can hear them talking and making funny noises together. i love my husband so much i could scream.

im torn between making a cheesy bacon potatoe thing-a-ma-bob concoction for dinner, the layered enchilada bake, and the beefy one pot meal ive been wanting to make. oh beefyness it is i suppose. i am determined to cut our food budget and eat healthier. i think we do a pretty good job but there is always room for improvement (who me, seeking out improvement? you joke!) means of attack: shop around at multiple stores for the best deals, use farmer's market/produce stands as much as possible, buy in bulk, better use of coupons, & use what is on sale to build meals not what i want to buy necessarily. we also need to get some mason jars and take them to the stores with us to buy bulk stuff. that way we don't have to use plastic bags for each one, which i must happily say we've been 100% on lately. when we buy produce we just put it all in one large tote and then weigh it individually. outside of a weird look or two from the cashier there has been no issue with this system, especially if you just mention that you are trying to reduce your use of plastic bags. but i want to start buying more in bulk - flour, dried fruit, beans/lentils, sugar, oats, etc. a lot of this is coming to me from reading this great book called feed your family for $12 a day. so many duh moments while reading it. like using coupons wisely. thus far we've always just bought store brands primarily but if you use coupons during double coupon times you can practically get stuff for pennies. this entry is really boring. kudos if you read all of that.


saylor days said...

it wasn't boring! my entries are always way too long and random.i can't wait to see olive as a ladybug! too cute.

Sarah said...

I highly recommend some of those green reusable bags for your produce - xyline or something like that? They keep your produce fresher longer and last a long, long time. I'm not comfortable with weighing my veggies and fruits sans bag at most grocery stores because the meat is scanned in teh same place, and believe it or not, it drips sometimes. Meat juice on my veggies? EW!

I don't know about the coupon stuff. I really believe in the long run you save more buying store brand and making it yourself. Coupon stuff, I have to ask myself "am I buying it because I have a coupon?" "would it cost me less to make it myself?" usually, yes to both questions. I just don't find many coupons for the sort of stuff we use. When I go through coupon flyers it seems to be mostly convenience foods and not so much the staples that I need. Like, even with double coupons when you can get a name brand cereal for like $1 for a box, it is still cheaper, to make your own granola or eat oatmeal or pancakes from scratch!

just my .02. I'm still waiting for the library to get that book in so I can read it (the feeding your family one, not the TTW, which I love but I have no idea who any of the actors you're talking about are).

Alia said...

I did actually. Can't wait to see the ladybug. Have I mentioned that the only tatoo i have happens to be one? I'd dress Jonah as one if I could get away with it... hmmmm.....

jenny mae. said...

sarah - how do you know the meat is weighed there too? ive never seen anyone weigh meat on the scales before. i agree with you about the coupons. i think by and large they are a trap to get you to think youre getting a deal when in reality the store brand is cheaper.

alia - i didnt know that!

Sarah said...

I meant the scanner/scale at the store not the scales in the produce area; at least at my local stores the scanner is a scale, and that is where the veggies are plopped down when you pay for them. And also where meat is scanned. Anyway, it's just one of those things... I'm not a germaphobe by any means, but I do wonder about grocery checkouts! Clerks with colds, touching all my food, drippy meat bags.... I <3 U-scan!