Monday, October 01, 2007

garden talk

tuesday i am going to my parents house to divide up some of their plants which have gone insane over the last few years and exploded all over their landscaping. then im going to transfer them here to my yard. black eyed susans will be the first to meet my trowel methinks. then perhaps some hostas and/or lilies. if only i could steal a butterfly bush.

yesterday we went to the farmers market and a man there was selling lilac bushes so finally we have something to plant for olive! here is a picture of the variety we bought-

it gets 6-8 feet tall and is extremely fragrant.

i really need to stop living on itheir recipe section is an addiction!


shutterthink said...

Off topic, but I love those lilacs...what good sources can you point me to that talk about the safety issues having to do with homebirth? Not just a midwife that says it is safe, maybe even something from the medical community? As unbiased as possible, if possible. Thank you! And thanks for your last comment on my blog, it means a lot.

jenny mae. said...

here is one great study that i have shown off and on.

this was an unbiased study done on 5400+ women.

also check out section 2.4 of this which is from the world health organization:

i will add that my midwife was a certified professional midwife (also known as a direct entry midwife) which differs from a certified nurse midwife.

shutterthink said...

That second one doesn't work for some reason--could you try to copy it again? I will read the other article tomorrow--thanks, Jenny!

jenny mae. said...

ill message you through myspace, see if it works that way