Friday, October 12, 2007

6 months! pumpkin patch!

olive is 6 months old today. 6 months ago this moment i was at the mall walking through contractions sipping on the most delicious (and overpriced) smoothie from hagen das. 6 months ago maggie was being passed a note during a meeting telling her i was in labor and to come by after work. 6 months ago i couldnt imagine life 6 months in the future. time goes by so quickly with children, every parent will tell you that. what continues to amaze me is how seamless her life seems to me, as though somehow she has always been here between us. i know that sounds sort of odd and even writing it sounds sort of odd to me too but i just can't articulate it any other way. occasionally we will find ourselves driving down summit street going here or there and once david pointed to the second story apartment and reminded me that that is where auggie was conceived. it hit me with equal parts disbelief and sadness. he is now 2 1/2 (in 3 days) but like olive, it feels like he has always been my child, maybe even when i was a child myself. children are omnipresent and i feel that more and more as i grow older. /end hippy weird talk. i think olive is getting closer and closer to readiness for solids. today i handed her a graham cracker and she ate the whole thing in about 3 minutes. the best part was that she didn't barf afterward! i don't mention it often but olive has a wicked habit of barfing. all day, all meals. it doesn't bother her and she is gaining weight just fine so really it is just a laundry problem for me, nothing to take her to a doctor about or anything. though i did consult my midwife kathy who is also an IBCLC (fancy term for lactation consultant) and she suggested some baby dophilus first and then if need be take her to a doctor. but she didn't feel either were really necessary considering the facts listed above. anyways i think that starting solids will hopefully help her keep things down. still waiting for that pincher grasp to come on though... also i am still delighted that nursing is going so well. every day i take a moment and think about how much different nursing is than exclusively pumping. i feel much more bonded to olive because of all of the time we spend together. i feel like i get to experience first hand what the stats speak of about the importance of physical closeness. i am so blessed to be able to stay home with my children!

we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday, the same one we went to last year. i got some produce from the stand inside (a baking pumpkin for a pie/baby food, an onion which my dad "accidentally" pilfered from me, green pepper, half a dozen homemade donuts, some delicious apples that have yet to have plans attached to them, and of course 4 pumpkins. all kinds of fun was had including me losing auggie in the hay maze. that'll get your mama-heart racing!

hat courtesy of my friend amanda - originally made for auggie i believe

i am the walrus

sup donuts

olive and my dad


i love david. he is so much fun to be around!

did you hear al gore won the nobel peace prize?


Maria. said...

I love that your dad is sporting the OSU jacket! It looks like you all had fun and those donuts look REALLY good to me right now! Amazing that it has been 6 months since Olive was born, almost 7 months have past since I was in Ohio. Miss you all so much!

missparker said...

The "little kid laughter" in your video made my morning :)

Where is the pumpkin patch that you mentioned? It sounds so cool! Your pictures reminded me of this barn in Malabar Farms where there is square dancing. Old time square dancing, with live music and old couples - so fun!

I love the little outfit Olive is wearing, by the way. It reminded me of these baby leg warmers that I'm searching for right now (for my friends' baby). I think baby clothes have come a long way...

Have a great weekend!

jenny mae. said...

auggie does indeed have a very infectious, hearty laugh! his middle name (isaac) means "he laughs" and it is SO SO appropriate. the place we go to is in dublin off of post road. i cant remember the name (begins with a J though). there are signs everywhere right off the highway so it is impossible to miss if you wanted to go there.

and by any chance are you buying babylegs? i love those things!

jenny mae. said...

maria - david and my dad went to the OSU game yesterday. they had so much fun!!