Wednesday, October 31, 2007

barfing + baptism

so right after i wrote my last entry i started barfing. and barfing. and baaarrrrfing. at around 1 am i crawled into the bathroom and got sick (in both ways, sorry too much info!) and then just laid down in the hallway. i couldn't make it back to bed, not with the real possibility of soon having to get up and go back to the bathroom. so i writhed and cried and cringed on the floor for about an hour, at which time i again crawled into our room and poked david in the foot (this is where i was praising God for a platform bed because i could easily reach him!) and begged him to draw me a hot bath. i was wearing a tank top, long sleeved tshirt, wool sweater, flannel pj bottoms, and socks and yet my teeth were chattering and my body was shivering uncontrollably. unsure when i finally stopped throwing up and dragged myself to bed but when the sun crept through our windows david said he would stay home from work. the worst part of it all was thinking about how in the world i was going to nurse olive while there was a real possibility i could heave all over her, not to mention i was laid out on the floor or in the bathtub for quite a while. i literally was laying in the tub praying that Jesus would keep her asleep until i could gather the strength (and fight off the nausea long enough to) get my head/stomach together and make it to bed. i kid you not she slept until 4:30 which she has NEVER done. Jesus really had my back that night!

speaking of Jesus sunday at church there was a large baptism and i just love seeing people get baptized! the choir was swaying and people were clapping and i got that tingly, choked up feeling where i just feel so overwhelmed with the presence of the Holy Spirit that i can hardly fight off the tears enough to even sing. i guess i get caught up in the emotion of what baptism means to the people who are experiencing it. i mean that is sort of their spiritual birthday (second only to their conversion i suppose)! of course the actual submersion in the water is really only symbolic of the washing away of their sin/previous life/commitment to following Jesus but i can't help but think about how they are one way standing there being prayed over, and a new creation once they come up out of the water. i love the energy of my church during baptisms. hands waving, singing (practically shouting!), and lots of clapping every time someone comes up out of the water. the best part was seeing parents help baptize their kids (sidebar: our church nor i believes in infant baptism. baptism is a personal, spiritual choice) i got soo emotional thinking of one day walking down into the water to hold my kid's hands while they are submerged.

chocolate! pumpkin! cake! im making this cake (into cupcakes perhaps?) today for my brother josh's birthday. i just said cake three times. yummy. you know... CAKE

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