Monday, October 29, 2007

new dwarfs

pukey, sneezey, sniffley, pooey, sleepy, drooly, and queasy. the new seven dwarfs? nah, it's just my house right now! augustine has thrown up multiple times lately and it has only been in the midst of sitting down to a meal. and all over the table... while we're all eating. somehow that sour smell just doesn't make my salad appetizing anymore. he did it again three times during dinner tonight. poor baby!! olive has been sniffling and drooling and so so clingy the last few days, sure enough her first tooth popped through today. and she never bit me once thankfully. only 19 more bullets to dodge!

today was rather exhausting. i took about 40-50 books to donate to the library today only to be redirected to another library (the branch we patronize regularly is undergoing construction and they dont have space for new donations) that was 20 minutes away. so i drive there, get lost (thank you very much idiot-mapquest directions) and when i drop off the books to this new-to-me branch i also return 28 weeks later (sidebar: GOOD!). then we head to the park for a few, then lunch, then the babies we all conked out. i wake up and realize CRUD! such and such branch isn't in the columbus public library system! so i have to drive back to the far away branch and pick up the movie lest i incur fines since it was due today. by this time it was 5:00 and im not in the greatest mood since all three of us are feeling sort of sick with one thing or another ergo i would rather shoot myself in the foot than sit in rush hour traffic, so we get groceries at a nearby store. grocery shopping always perks me up. i love it, it's like foodie-porn or something. they were also passing out free ice cream cups so GIDDY UP, and poof there went the bad mood.


rayray said...

yanno, something weird here in NY is that any overdue item is a quarter a day. i think. or less... so even videos aren't a big deal when overdue. HOWEVER, to reserve a book it costs 50 cents! it sucks, since my books are never overdue but i put books on reserve a lot since i have limited car access. gosh darn it. though it sort of does make sense to pay when they're bringing you a book from a different part of town. :p

jenny mae. said...

WHA? they charge you to put a book on reserve?! that is a major rip off. folks like me with two babes in tow don't have all the time in the world to browse the shelves for all the movies and books i want to check out so i love the reserve option. i use it religiously!