Wednesday, October 24, 2007

epiphany + dose of jason

one of the most gratifying parts of my days are when i can actually see my children learning something. that moment when the epiphany happens, the seas of doubt part, and finally that ah ha! moment is realized. i partially define growing up/old as directly proportional to a declining probability of such moments.

i had a rare opportunity to hang out with my brother jason, just the two of us, this week. we sat around and listened to these two songs and agreed they were our favorites of pink floyd and mused about how the wall is absolutely the most depressing, cry-your-eyes-out-if-you-really-think-about-it-all album of all time. (this is what my parents get for laying us down for naps with that album on!) i think i had a moment in our time together where i felt like i could tell him anything and he would smile or laugh or just nod and give me an honest reaction, which i love about him. honest. mean what you say, say what you mean and jason is always that way without fail. probably one of the most honest about who i am persons ive ever met. it's so rare to find someone whom you feel really gets you. i mean yes, david gets me but jason and i sprang from the same womb so he has an unfair advantage. he's the type of guy that you might find yourself, and sometimes without consciously consenting to such a thing, spilling your guts to. i need to get more regular doses of that man.

jenny and jason. 1984

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rayray said...

thats awesome that you guys are so close. :D my sister and i aren't really, and thats pretty frustrating. :/

yesterday avi spilled milk all over herself and then said "i need a napkin, my hair is wet" and held out part of her hair. i was so impressed with her sentence composition, i just had to tell my husband. hehe :)