Monday, October 29, 2007

lonnnng post beware!

several people/communities have pointed towards a new a recently published article in the new york times about cosleeping. i am slapping myself on the wrist a little right now for not making my love for bedsharing more public on here. i feel like i have to justify it to folks outside of my shared opinion on the subject and the article talks about that very thing. you somehow feel pressure to be "in the closet" about it all. ive said this before but this is the exact reason i have a crib in our bedroom. sure it's a nice option, but do we use it? nah. i think a lot of outsiders on the subject might feel like the biggest issue would be it taking a toll on ones marriage and for some, it might. for us i don't feel that it does. and picture this - you roll over every morning to see a two foot rosy cheeked person sitting up cooing at you! for me some of my favorite moments have been seeing david and olive snuggled up together. im telling you ladies, nothing screams hotness like a man being a great dad. we have no plans to move olive out of our bed, but as soon as one of the three of us shows a preference that is when it will happen. in their infancy i think it's important to let the babe have more weight on the issue but as they grow up it everyone should hold equal say in how long it goes on.

speaking of olive she can stand up now, i came into the kitchen to see this yesterday --

it's getting cold here in central ohio but i am determined to go the entire month of october without turning on the heat. come on indian summer! who am i kidding? it's below 40 at night. the prescription for such a task is lots of tea, never leaving my bed without my new (ugly, complete with purple bows but comfortable!) slippers my dear mother gave me, layers of clothes, and soup. i made the most fantastic anything-i-have-in-the-pantry soup last night. recipe as i remember it

1 cup dried green lentils
8 cups of water
5 bullion cubes
1 large potato
2 medium carrots
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp olive oil
1 medium sweet onion
1 chicken breast
s & p to taste (im a pepper fan in such winter soups)

none of it cooked beforehand or anything, just thrown in a pot and left to stew for about an hour. three bowls later and i give it two jenny-thumbs up.

ps auggie locked himself in his room today during naptime. my neighbor had to come over and remove the handle (david is still in florida). henceforth that baby has the lock on the outside so he can't do it again. (this is where i throw in a joke about me being able to now lock him IN while i maniacally wring my hands and stuff)


Anita said...

I KNEW that I read where someone made a Lentil soup recently somewhere....I'm going to replicate your recepie this week...minus one onion, because I don't have any. Did you make on the oven or a crockpot?

BTW, love the Olive video. Abigail loves to help me with the dishes too. Sorry for the sickies though. I hope Augustine is feeling better.

jenny mae. said...

i made it on the stovetop. so good and perfect now that i am sick as a dog.