Tuesday, November 20, 2007

house for sale! feist! david! article!

my house is officially for sale. it felt so weird making all of the decisions on my own - like how much to list the condo for, etc. david is far too busy to take on any of this so it was just me and the realtor signing papers this week. im still doing a little internal sigh about it all but que sera, sera you know?

i spent the entire weekend with my mom because she was incredibly sick. david is working a lot lately (see below) so i figured i'd just stay the night friday night, watch the OSU game with her since my dad was going to the game and she'd be all alone, and then of course baby her. i get there friday and no really she was really sick with a probable double ear infection + bronchitis (confirmed later at a doctors appointment). can i just say how sad it is to take care of ones parents when they are deathly ill? it made me think of all of the times she probably did that for me when i was a baby. so anyways while she was laid out on the couch i made her some homemade chicken noodle soup, filled her ears with olive oil, and made sure she took her medications. outside of her being sick it was actually a fair time spent there. my mom and i tend to stay up really late when i'm there and talk about Jesus, which i really like. just how to make the world better and further the Kingdom little by little, etc. when i went in to say goodbye (i got roped into staying a second night!) sunday afternoon she was asleep sitting up in bed and it made me want to burst into tears it was so sad. like a sick little kitten or something. so i havnt been ignoring anyone who has emailed me or left comments, ive been in a dark hole this weekend!

feist was last night and she was SO GOOD. the opening band/guy was rather lame though unfortunately and i leaned over and whispered to david that i was only clapping at the end of each song because it was over and with each song done it meant feist was closer to starting. he laughed, which i liked. im not a funny person at all so when david laughs it means a lot. oh and i was not wild about the fact that she mellowed out the song inside & out. i really wanted to boogie to that one! they also didn't play secret heart. woe is me. but then they came back for an encore with sea lion and i just could.not.sit.still i was so hand-clappy. it was fantasticcccc

so yes david is a ghost in this house right now. outside of our date sunday night i have seen him about 5 hours in the last week. he's been sleeping at work for a handful of hours only to get up and keep working and it makes me so sad. he's such a hard working man and i am by no means an angry or violent person but im almost at the end of my rope with his boss doing this to his employees. oh and since david is on salary it is completely at his bosses discretion whether he feels like giving david anything extra for working like 80 hours a week. (sidebar: david actually logged an astounding 98 hours this week!!!) this too shall pass. this too shall pass. it makes it even harder because we know what the future holds for david (that he will be quitting to go back to school as soon as the house sells) so its REALLY hard not to throw in the towel emotionally, for me. david has too much integrity to not kill himself for the greater good and that is 1/1,000,000th of the reason i love him. he's just got class where most others would put their fist through a wall or storm into their bosses office and start demanding things.

oh a lighter note:

new article i wrote was published

im getting worn out in some ways but energized in others. isn't that just how life goes? rarely do i just float in the space between and tra-la-la through life. tonight on the way home from maggie + austin's i felt like i could have fallen asleep at the wheel. auggie kept commenting from the backseat how "mama is tired". i actually chirped my tires once when i almost drove straight through a red light. auggie said i scared him.

speaking of the boy i think he is turning a corner and into a new phase. the last hmm... 3-6 months have been tough with him. he was just so for lack of a better term TWO. coupled with the fact that olive was (and in many ways still is) receiving so much of my attention, he was a bit of a handful. i cannot explain the change, it is subtle but powerful though, and i hope it lasts. i think my approach to the situation has changed too. instead of waiting to scold him when he pushes olive down/hits olive/throws a tantrum, etc. i praise him when he is being good, affirm every helpful thing he does with olive, etc. augustine is one who responds 10 fold to positive reinforcement than to negative, always has. recently he has shown a lot more interest in being friends with olive, which is something that has been sorely lacking previously. maybe he has become resigned to her presence? whatever the cause it pleases me to no end when he, of his own accord, fetches her a toy or her pacifier when she is crying or lays on the floor next to her if she has fallen down and coos "why you crying olive? it's otay. don be sad." so the above mentioned really energizes me. the body is weak but the spirit is willing.

oh and i finished the kiddos christmas shopping yesterday. WHOO HOO!

and this made me cry


saylor days said...

-i'm glad you got to see feist
-98 hours i did the math that's 14hr days! :( what a man he is.
-i'm glad auggie's doing better for you! surely a combo of adjusting to olive,positive reinforcement and just getting older.he is a good boy. :)
-great article! how fun,i'd love to do stuff like that.
-video made me cry too,oh lord.

jenny mae. said...

we couldn't have done it without you and colin being so gracious with your time. (and coffee!) THANK YOU!

Alia said...

Loved the article. Glad your mom is feeling better and Auggie is adjusting. And school is worth the sacrifice you are all putting in! (says the college counselor--no bias there).


christin joy said...

that video made me cry too. i see it so often, monkey see, monkey do - children see, children do. its so true. i used to be a nanny and the kids would be great when i'd be there with them and instilling the Lord's love and correction. as soon as the parents came home (scientologist holistic healers) the house would go to chaos!

i am praying for your mom, hope that she makes a 100% recovery from all her ailments.

so glad you had a good time at the concert! we all need a vacation/break sometimes! even if its just for a few hours.

awesome article, good stuff. :)

happy thanksgiving! God bless you and your family.

christin joy.

christin joy said...

oh and i'm praying for you and your husband - that you can persevere through the lack of time together due to work and such. i pray the Lord will sustain you and him especially, that He will give you grace where you need it and understanding. that He will empower you to get through this difficult and trying time. :) agape.

jenny mae. said...

thank you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I followed a link here from a video of your daughter Olive's water birth, which gave me goosebumps and tears of joy at the same time. Thank you!

P.S. Christin Joy: I'm so happy (though not nearly equally so) that your ego, bolstered by God, was able to counteract the chaos suffered by those poor children at the hands of their rightful parents. Perhaps you can legally take them away and ensure their (correct) happiness?


Maria. said...

Jenny-That youtube video made me cry too. It is amazing how much our children watch us. I had a moment with Jena that almost took my breath away. We were in a store and a little boy dumped over a display of Christmas ribbon and his grandmother was trying to pick it all up by herself and I turned around just in time to see Jena bend down and help her. So often I am the one encouraging her to help others and she saw a need and did it all on her own. I couldn't believe it. For all the negativity that our children see, it is good to witness the good sometimes!

I am glad that your weekend is over and that David can rest some more. He is an incredible worker and the Lord sees it. He will strengthen David. I love you guys so much!

jenny mae. said...

oh maria you guys are such good parents filling the girls with love and compassion. there is such a darkness in this world and im so so so glad you are planting in them the Light!

missparker said...

It must be really strange to close such a big chapter of your life at such a busy time. I hope the situation and transition is smooth and as easy as possible.

Isn't it amazing how differently we see our parents as we get older? I'm putting our old family movies on DVD and it's been so powerful to watch things like my early birthdays and play times with my parents. Now, everything is so different and we all take care of each other. I bet it meant the world to your mom to have you there. A love that is thankfully too large for us to understand.

I was wowed by Feist both during and after the concert. I didn't have the album before the show, and was impressed by her performance. Since buying Reminder, I have absolutely fallen in love with her music! We were up behind the balcony, so she was tiny and far away, but the whole thing was comfortable and wonderful. I'm glad you got to go, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Oh, and the best part of the first guy was the female drummer ;)

I'm sorry that David is working so much - that's so horrible. I feel bad, because I'm meeting with someone from his company this week about a job for our company. Hopefully it doesn't mean more work for him!

You have excellent taste in music! Thanks for sharing!

jenny mae. said...

is the music addition to the blog too much? i just love sharing music with people!

anyways we were in the balcony too, near the front/middle. i was glad to be up there for when the guy proposed, which ive always wanted to see!!

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I am not sure if i am doing this right...I am just learning MYSPACE, so this is all new to me. Anyway, My name is Loriann(PA), I am 26 also, just married and trying to have kids. I saw your movie on youtube of your home birth. Wow! How beautiful. Then i started to watch othen one of you all. What awesome people! I enjoy your style and music choices. You are very artistic and the best part is that you are a Christian! I Thank God for bring me to your site. Be Blessed.