Tuesday, December 04, 2007

happy birthday to me!

today is my 26th birthday and this is my self portrait.

augustine woke me up at still-dark-o'clock and i told him to go lie down and sleep a little longer. the second time he did it i looked at the clock and saw it was 7:30 and david was still asleep. i furiously poked him proclaiming that he was late for work and without opening his eyes he said with a sly smile "well i guess ill stay home today then..." YEAH! he took the babies downstairs and fed and played with them until i rolled out of bed at the leisurely hour of 10. babies don't sleep that well i promise you. i was deaddddd and loving every minute of it. the day began with a fantastic breakfast (sausage, apple dipped in strawberry yogurt) and auggie squealing happy birrtdee mommy!! while giving me a gift of a new wallet, which ive needed very badly considering my now old one would only snap on one side and was utterly busted. my day was entirely free of everyday responsibility. david made lunch and played with the kiddos, etc. etc. etc. while i baked with my new kitchenaid mixer and while i went out to get a haircut.

!!!! AAHH !!!!

auggie even sang to me

this evening we went to buca de beppo for dinner with my parents + brother josh and sister in law brienne. josh springs the exact same (hilarious) birthday card on me every single year. and every year somehow he convinces me that oh i forgot it this year! or we were running late so i didn't get around to writing it. etc. and when the card is pounced upon me i laugh until i almost cry EVERY YEAR. the first year i thought what a funny card it was. the second year oh wow! that is hilarious again! by the third year i started saving them and i now have i think 4 years worth saved or so. oh and one year he made the card into wrapping paper for my gift and another he used the paper to make birthday hats for everyone to wear. it is hilarious!!! the dinner was great, the company was great, the dessert was to die for! they sang to me, even though i told them not to (!).

when i went to blow out the candles i wished for nothing. truly i've never been happier in my entire life and i don't mean that frivolously or in some gratuitous birthday spirit. i wished for nothing because i need nothing but what i have right now. im so so abundantly blessed by my family and friends. what seemingly meager possessions i have are things that i love and use and they also bring me joy. my husband loves me and i love him more and more every day we share together. my children -- oh my great little babies how they fill my heart, life, night & day with light and love.


christin joy said...

happy birthday!!! i'm so glad you had a great day and evening. that you were able to rest and relax and just have a fantastic day! yay!!!

christin joy.

Anita said...

That sounhds like a WONDERFUL day. Funny about the card. My step-dad and his brother have been passing back and forth the same birthday card for years. Not going out and buying a new card, just marking off their name and writing the others. I think it has around 4 years of use. :)

rayray said...

dude what an awesome birthday! happy birthday! and a kitchen aid mixer! aaaaah i want one! ::envy!:: hehehe :) and your husband stayed home for your birthday, that's so awesome! wow! geez. what a good day, i'm glad to hear about it!

my birthday was this past sunday, we went out friday night for tex mex. when i'm preggo bday's just never seem as fun, hah. maybe i'll have a late party in january :)

Margo said...

What a perfect birthday! How did you get your hair done?

Milie said...

Happy birthday from a french reader!
HAve a good day


meG said...

so.. came across your blog...

awesome playlist... I'm pretty sure I have everyone of those songs on my iPod.

i love to find ppl who know good music. :]

jenny mae. said...

i love finding folks with similar musical tastes! hit me up with some suggestions if you have any meG

Anna said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

jenny mae. said...

why thank you!

Alia said...

Happy B-day!!!