Friday, March 07, 2008

dirt, Lost, emotional, and potato explosion

monday-tuesday were warmish days and we spent several hours outside playing. when i went in to check on olive i came out to find augustine sniffling and looking scared, ankle deep in sucking mud in the garden. i couldnt help but laugh a little. after pulling him out and determining that his shoes were thrashed beyond repair we embarked on an adventure the following day, to get new shoes. i really dislike the mall as it is equal parts tempting and repulsive to me. still, in the winter with a toddler an indoor playground is the jam. i always get sucked in to buying something from starbucks. i can't help it! ok i can but it is a consistent indulgence of mine which has developed (and strong!) in just the last few months. it's the double chocolate chip frappuchino that enslaves me. mmm... if only somehow i could work dried cherries into the drink i would be in paradise. though the actual application of said cherries would probably render it weird at the very least. still, ive never met something that wasnt enhanced by cherries and chocolate. just like ive never met a baked potato with too much sour cream on it. it just isn't scientifically possible i believe. anyways we i settled on these converse. i have a strong dislike for clothing or shoes with any sort of character or store name on them. my son opposes me on this and constantly wants to pick out things with lightening mcqueen or woody from toy story, thomas the train, etc. the occasional well-loved charcter clothing item is just fine but it just isn't our thing to have much if any of them around. while we were at the mall a guy was cooing over olive and said "you are so cute! the only thing that would make you cuter would be pierced ears!" and i was pretty grossed out. nothing says white trash to me like babies with pierced ears. sorry if that offends anyone! this is me being uber-children's rights about what happens to their bodies, as usual

i love Lost and if you do too, i commend you on your good taste. actually i believe it was referenced by our pastor at church sunday, further confirmation that indeed we are in the right church. (okay kidding, but maybe just a little.) i feel a bit like a drug addict with it's tantalizing story lines, every week i jones for thursday evening something fierce. it isn't uncommon for the first words out of david and i's mouths thursday mornings are - Lost tonight! still, thursdays in my mind have a new defining moment. the same thing happens every week for the last month. we watch Lost and ooh and ahh over it together on the couch and when the show concludes and next weeks previews are over i have the same thoughts every single week. that at this moment one month ago i got the call from austin about beatrix. 10:06 pm. i have forgotten this association every week for the last four weeks until the 10:06 pm happens, it's sort of odd. i remember thinking as i climbed the stairs to retrieve the phone from it's cradle that it was probably my dad calling to muse about the latest plot twist. if only...

we are supposed to get up to a FOOT of snow today. dang this works to our advantage though since, because we are moving, we are in "eat everything in the house/don't get groceries" mode. dang you kroger with your "buy 5 lbs of potatoes get 5 lbs free" deal! it took me a week to creatively devour 5 lbs and now i have 5 more to go! so far i've made mashed potatoes, french fries, baked potatoes, hashed browns for breakfast, shepherd's pie (has mashed potatoes on top), and right now veggie soup is in the crock pot. potato explosion at the sigler's house!!


Alia said...

"ive never met something that wasn't enhanced by cherries and chocolate"--have you tried the new dr. pepper?

"i love Lost and if you do too, i commend you on your good taste."--Why thank you. I'm also the poster child for delayed gratification. I refuse to watch it on TV (I didn't even know which day of the week it shows until your blog--can you believe that?), avoid all spoilers for the entire season, then buy the DVD box set as soon as it comes out (and watch the enire thing in 1 weekend).

"a FOOT of snow today"--what's snow??

"one month ago i got the call"-- :(

"creatively devour 5 lbs and now i have 5 more to go!"--May I come to dinner?? (Potatoes is to Alia as donuts is to Homer. D'oh!)

jenny mae. said...

isnt the new dr. pepper diet only? boo hiss! i dont drink diet. blech.

re: snow - i LOVE snow. i mean the cold is awful but it's so gorgeous! i couldnt live somewhere without seasonal change!

i have a mental photo of you doing the homer drool over potatoes.

Amber said...

So I must say, be it strange or not, when nap time rolls around, reading your blog is now totally on the top 5 favorite things haha.

Time for another creepy twin moment...currently I sitting here drinking my starbucks, mentally preparing for the daunting tasking of going to the get Solomon new shoes... haha, seriously...funny!

So how do you aviod getting all the McQeen, Thomas, Elmo items??? Solomon just loves it but I would have to be tied up and gagged to have my child walking around with Lightening McQueen light up sole, baller shoes (no offense, person pref) haha...he does have a passion for that lovely red car that has all but become apart of our family...but I just don't think that I can do it!!! He all but tackled a little boy at the playground the other day, nearly ripping his shirt off saying, "MEAN MEAN MEAN (translation - MCQUEEN!) haha...
And I have to agree...EWWW! to baby piercings...