Tuesday, March 11, 2008


the sale of the house is locked up, as of today. it was almost certain when i posted about it before, just waiting for this or that detail to be totally totally confirmed but a phone call from our realtor today put all doubt aside. still closing on the house at noon, next thursday.

saturday is going to be a whirlwind of a day. a few weeks ago we went out to breakfast one morning after church at bob evans and it was so delicious i havnt stopped thinking about it. so im hoping we have a repeat of such scrumptiousness. then heading over to get the keys to the new apartment! just imagine me twirling around inside like mary tyler moore or something, but without the hat. my mom is watching the kiddos while david and i go and (as maggie said) "drink the kool aid" at one of those things where you enter to win a car and OMG YOU'RE A FINALIST!! (as you feign surprise) and youre told to come down to their compound retreat space and pick out a key to see if it is the lucky one to open the car! har har. david did this to me. the plus of this group-think experiment is that just for showing up you win 2 of 5 sweet prizes. like $500, a digital camcorder, flat screen tv, etc. no obligation to buy anything, we read the fine print first though. if for some weird reason we win the car, you can take it in cash. so really we dont have anything to lose so, why not? just don't drink the kool aid.

i've become (even more) obsessed with food now that im doing the food blog. it isn't coming out forced just to put something up on a screen but i think about food more throughout the day. that sounds sort of weird, pondering edibles like that. today i made a fantastic sundried tomato pasta dish that my friend meredith makes. oh and granola, i made cherry granola last night. im sort of getting sad thinking that we are in "eat everything in the house before we move" mode. guess im going to have to clear out the pantry creatively. countdown to official move in day : 11 days.

im a pretty laid back person, wouldn't you agree? well imagine for a moment you check out a book from the library. let's pretend it was a classic book you've never read that you've really really wanted to. and just pretend it was slaughterhouse five by kurt vonnegut. well if you can imagine all of that then try to imagine cracking open said book only to discover that someone, by all deduction probably a high schooler or equivalent, has WRITTEN ALL OVER THE BOOK. exit my pacifism towards said birdbrain. i made it through 15 pages and decided i had to get another copy from the library. i could not take one more juvenile comment of "good point!" of "me too!" or "? ? ?" down the margins. desecration i tell you!


saylor days said...

oh man you'll have to tell me how that key car thing goes. i've gotten those in the mail twice and held on to it, even called them and said 'what's the catch buddy' and planned to go there then never did..i'm all for randomness like that have fun, win some stuff!

jenny mae. said...

i think he signed up at the mall. they always have cars at the mall!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I'm glad you're so excited about your new food blog because...well... i am too! As I acquire more kitchen items slowely but surely, my possibilities of food exploration expand, and I'm glad to get ideas from you. And you're food always sounds delicious.
So, thank you!

jenny mae. said...

i just added a yummy granola recipe to the food blog! YUMMMMM

Alia said...

You sold the house! YAY!!!