Tuesday, March 18, 2008

no koolaid for me

well this weekend has been a bit of a bust. we did not end up going out and "drinking the koolaid" as planned. for the first time in about 15 years i had a migraine that put me out. like way out. this has been the only time that i have wanted to move olive out from a cosleeping situation. in fact i almost asked david to just take her and make her sleep somewhere else (this happened during the day, not at night. i reasoned she could hack it for a nap) she is rather sick and migraines + baby snores DO NOT GO. i put towels up over the windows, took some excedrin migraine, and frantically called david about 3 times - he was moving things into the new place. for me a migraine starts with spotty vision, sort of like if you looked at a bright light except the lights don't go away. it grows and grows and by the end of phase one i have about 35-45% of my vision left in patches. phase two starts with creepy crawly sensations on my head that give way to shooting pain. phase three, crippling pain. then light and sound sensitivity, nausea, then vomiting, then hands then face go numb before being pulled out of it all with what i can only imagine is the worst hangover feeling of all time. i remember as a kid i thought i was no doubt having either an embolism or stroke (these are my dad's med school facts popping up in my youthful mind no doubt) they still scare me though, especially when i start to feel my hands and face go numb. what is a migraine anyways?

i havnt even moved into the new place yet and i've already planned three parties. one for quasi-easter-thanks-for-helping-us-move-in!, another is a small dinner and scrabble dinner with the fanchers, and then of course the kids birthdays in april.

also im beginning to plan two gardens, what are you planting in yours & when are you planting it?

here is a great article written for the BBC News in the UK. it describes the big changes that obstetrics has undergone in the last 50 years. i think sometimes we can all get really discouraged and angry with how the model is set up right now, how women and children are not at the center, etc. but i think we've come a long way. don't get me wrong, i think we still have a long way to go, but im glad women are conscience of what is happening to them during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. i mean most women of out great grandmothers/grandmothers generations delivered their babies via "removal" with forceps while the mother was under twilight sedation. anyways, interesting article to read one family's history. thanks melissa for the link


Nikki said...

a great link for migraine info:

I also read this blog regularly, because I have chronic complex migraines and this woman's research is simply amazing:


hope you feel better!


jenny mae. said...


Maria. said...

Jenny we have a friend who is a neurologist and he shared with me that many times they are brought on by dehydration. Amazing! While we were training for our triathalon several years ago I was getting them a lot and he suggested drinking more fluids. I was getting them a lot while pregnant and recently, nursing, so I have tried to keep up with the fluids and it makes a big difference for me. I know how horrible they are! I will be praying for you! One time the Lord completely took my migraine away in the midst of loosing the vision and the spots! He's awesome!

jenny mae. said...

oh maria that has to be it then! i am definitely always waay behind the 8 ball on fluid intake

saltycanvas said...

Hey Jenny!
I have suffered from Migraines since I was 10 also. It runs in my family, but I was the rare one who got it at a young age rather than during menopause. I also get the "aura" that you experience except mine, and the best way I can describe it, looks like if you were to pull a tiny hair from your head and place it on the top of a glass of water...wierd, I know, but it looks like a squiggly hair across my vision.
I have taken zomig, imitrex, and amerge. Honestly, the best one I have used is Advil Migraine, extra strength. Or if you are lucky, go to the doctor and get a prescription for Tylenol 3. Those are truly miracle workers! I can also get a prescription for massages (at any spa) that are reimbursed by Blue Cross (however, I do live in Canada so it may be different where you live. One thing I can recommend is taking the Advil Migraine AS SOON AS you experience the aura. If you catch it in time, it should prevent the migraine from exploding in your skull.

Another thing a professor of mine recommended is called a "Migrastick". Essentially, it is a peppermint stick that you roll on your temples. Any type of "cold" (peppermint, ice pack, etc) on the temples will block your pain receptors. Then there is also the age-old pain redirection technique. If you want temporary relief, make a tight fist with your thumb in the inside of it. See the mushy/muscly part by your thumb? Massage that and it should block the pain for a moment. I hope some of this helps a little, although I'm sure you've heard it all!
For me, some triggers of an aura are:
Season change
Changes in lighting
Flashing lights
Changes in temperature
Chocolate (ahh!)
Seafood (I will NOT give this up)
Any rich foods I am not used to
Being nervous/worried/stressed
Too much sleep/too little sleep

I hope you are feeling much better!


jenny mae. said...

wow laura!! thank you!! i took some excedrin migraine and it didnt do a darn thing. i should try the advil variety.

Girl Howdy said...

Heyyy, I have read your blog a couple times (actually found your food blog first which RULES by the way) and added you to my favorites meaning to stop and leave you a comment because I LOVE reading it! I'm going to link you from mine, if that's alright:)

Also, I've been dealing with migraines since I was 8 and though I have a monthly script that helps me ease them nothing works as well as lights off and holding ice to my temples (I saw someone told you about this, it's really helped me in the past!)

Anyway, nice to meet you :)
I'm MJ.

jenny mae. said...

*waves* hello mj!