Thursday, May 08, 2008

Natural Twin Births

It seems like since the hoopla has died down (meaning that I am neither pregnant nor seeking to be so) that I haven't been as passionately blogging about birth and labor and pregnancy and all that. Really I should put more effort into such content, as I always feel passionately about natural pregnancy & birth. One thing that I haven't put a lot of effort towards (which is code for none!) is twin births. For some reason in our society especially, we very wrongly assume that twins put a mother in a high risk category for birth which necessitates a c-section. Wrong! While there are increased risks, they do not hold as many risks as a c-section to both the mother and child(ren).

I was really inspired by this YouTube video. Don't worry, it's nothing graphic :)


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this jenny? a triplet homebirth!

allison said...

Jenny, this was really good for me. My twins were a C-section and I'm still sad (ok, i may or may not be a little weepy right now) even though it's a year later. The only thing that helped at the time is that an ex-midwife that I knew (I couldn't afford one) had high respect for the Dr. that advised it and said that he's pro-natural birth for most cases. Still, I feel cheated. To add to that, I could only nurse them for 4 months as we all kept getting thrush and nothing would get rid of it. Even though I wanted to be all natural, I made the (difficult) decison that formula was better than us being on meds.
I'm trying really hard not to beat myself up (gotta love mama guilt), trying hard to let go (I still haven't let myself sell my breast pump) and I'm trying not to be envious of mums who were more natural. Watching the video, instead of saying 'poor me', I thought 'good for you!' and that was helpful.
Why am I spilling to you, a stranger! I guess I wanted to say 'thanks' and let you know that your blog is lovely and has been a blessing to me. Keep it up!

jenny mae. said...

annonymous - whoopsie your link got cut off!

allison - what i have learned through birth is that it is okay to be disappoined. okay to not feel elated when you didn't get the birth you wanted for whatever reason. i think women feel a lot of pressure to put on a happy face or make it all about the baby WHICH IT IS NOT. happy healthy babies are awesome but there is so much more to it than that!

Kristin Jo said...

hey--me again ; ) I just posted on my blog about a book I read and I'd really be interested in getting a discussion going on there. If you or any of your friends who are parents want to comment, I'd be all too giddy!

Anonymous said...

It is the right link.The triplet video will open in some browsers, but not others. eg I can't open it in safari but I can in firefox.It is a really beautiful/moving
You might have crossed paths on livejournal?
take care!

Anonymous said...

My twins were born via c-section although I begged them to let me push them out. I had my second son exactly fifty-three weeks prior via c-section because of his transverse presentation. They convinced me my scar was not old enough to go through labor.
Today I would have tried to convince them a bit more. Especially because I labored to eight centimeters (naturally) and had both babies head down.

jenny mae. said...

anonymous - i am terribly sorry you didnt get the birth you wanted. if you desire more children and want a vbac there is hope, don't let anyone tell you any differently! here is a great article/blog about vbac myths

Amber said...

My husband and I watched this together and were just SO amazed at the human is SO amazing that it can carry so many lives and stretch and were really amazed!!!