Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of july wrap up

this weekend was kind of a bust. david had to work the entire weekend, including a longer-than-typical day on the actual 4th of july. like, what kind of boss does that? truly his boss cannot be blamed. really it was easton's fault for being opened and because their store is there, they also must be opened. rules schmules. as i was getting out of the bath and vigorously drying my hair with a towel i felt a huge POP and pulled a muscle in my neck. today was actually the first day since then that i've been able to turn my head fully to the right side. so anyways, i grilled a steak and went about my business as if it were any other day. when he came home we did end up going down the street to the clintonville fireworks. sadly we were unable to ride the bikes because well... i had no range in my neck and it just wouldn't have been safe. miraculously in the crowd of at least 1000 we found our friends heather and emily! olive was firmly planted in my arms sniffling for the first few minutes of the fireworks but was shortly thereafter standing and pointing at the explosions exclaiming "BOO!" (boom) with a happy grin. i was proud, though not surprised, at her bravery. augustine sat sucking his thumb clinging to david, in his typical timid fashion.

sunday morning at around 6 am augustine woke up screaming and screaming. apparently he had his first ear infection. so i gave him some tylenol for the pain and did a round of garlic/olive oil/mullein flower extract in his ear. david laid with him until he fell asleep and later he and olive went to church and i stayed home with him.

i realized sunday how little one on one time i spend with him and that made me very sad. for two years he was my only child and i spent all day/every day with him and we both loved it. not that i am ripping on olive, for surely she is the littlest of cupcakes in my heart, but it's just that i seriously lack time with just augustine. so he and i laid in my bed and had breakfast "a picnic in mommy's bed! YAH!", read books, pretended we were robots, and hid under the covers from david and olive when they came home. today i took him for a ride in the bike trailer just the two of us, when david got home from school. olive hated being left out, which made me feel guilty. oh the life of a mother. it's a trip

tomorrow our neighbors are moving and augustine is really sad. he plays together with their son every day. when i asked andrew to sit next to auggie to take a photo he said "come here little $hit". he is 4. O__o this is a stark contrast to my other neighbor jakin who, at 2 1/2 last week accepted jesus.

see that in his hand? i call that "the great distractor" because it glows in the dark and makes all kinds of cool lights when you hit the button. that way i'd have the excuse of "you already have something like that right there" when he asked for 389473874 light up toys that they sell at fireworks displays. it only half worked.

reading books in bed on sunday morning

a serious interview.


im posting this mostly just to prove that i exist in the photo archives of our fambly


Amber said...

I love love love that outfit on Olive...I just love the whole all-in-one outfits...I can't find them in Solomon's size any more.:( And I love that Augustine feels that red cannot be shared :)

jenny mae. said...

amber - that outfit of olives is actually from a friend who got it in new zealand! it is by "bonds" and you wouldn't believe how many compliments she's gotten on it. she also has it in purple with light purple stripes.