Wednesday, July 09, 2008

why yes this post does need all capital letters

the rabid x-files fan says: OH MY GOSH DAVID DUCHOVNY HAS A BLOG!

eta: so does JORGE GARCIA!! (hurley from Lost)

two best shows of all time. period.


saraH said...

hey Jenny, although i don't think you're as "rabid" about LOST as you are about x-files, heres a link to Jorge Garcia's (hurley) blog!

jenny mae. said...

I LOVE LOST!!! xfiles and lost have been the only two shows ive ever seen that i feel i can say that i have LOVED.

saraH said...

sweet, i'm glad i could expose you to his blogs addiction. he updates quite often!

missparker said...

I'm so glad that you're an X-Files fan. Seriously. I just found out that another friend of mine was a diehard fan. I think we're all coming out now that the movie is coming out. I love it!