Friday, August 22, 2008

adrenaline rush

i visited my parents yesterday. the kids just love the 2+ acres of open space their house boasts. sprinklers! ride-on tractor! ice cream cones! no naps! auggie and i actually went on a date just the two of us while olive took a nap at home with my mom. his head nearly exploded when we wound up at dairy queen after a trip to walmart. and a word about walmart - im a delusional elitist, or at least i have been, trying to reason my way out of thinking that most of the things i associate with hating about walmart (sweatshops/everything made in china, etc) isn't just as true at my beloved target. they just have a slicker marketing package.

while i was there we were watching the olympics which turned into the 12 o'clock news. here's how the moment went "BREAKING NEWS! CYCLIST HIT AND KILLED ON HIS MORNING COMMUTE. DETAILS LATER IN THE BROADCAST" and my mom and i simultaneously leapt in our skins, held our breath, and probably internally cursed the happy-go-lucky advertisements that stood in the way of the newscast continuing. by the time the news comes back on i can't move, im paralyzed with fear that it's david. my mom suggests just turning the channel. what if the kids see it?! finally the story comes on and of course it was not david who was hit and killed. it was one of Those Moments where at the conclusion of it you just sort of fall back into your chair and cry a little bit in relief.

speaking of that feeling, here's another gem. this week i was at the garden with the kids. when i was done the kids were hanging around in the front yard while i packed up the car. the scene is this: the front two as well as the back passenger side doors of the car are open. i am standing behind the car putting gardening stuff into the truck. auggie and olive crawl into the front seat - auggie in the driver, olive in the passenger (the car is not on) and augustine puts the car into reverse. everything starts moving in slow motion. your mind doesnt even have time to process the gravity of such things, only after the fact do you start conjuring up the more dark possibilities that could have happened. so the car is rolling backwards and i jump out of the way. without even thinking i jump onto the side of it and into the open passenger side door, hanging onto both open door frames on that side. i reach over olive and quickly pop is back into park. the car jerks to a much too abrupt stop and the back door, containing two of my fingers, slams shut. between the pain of my fingers almost being broken and the adrenaline pumping through my veins at that moment every part of my body was shaking. tears and tears were streaming down my cheeks.

oh and today marks the final day or 3? 4? of disposable diaper use. i do not know how people use these things! mostly the smell, what is the deal with the scent addition to them? i feel like olive is wearing perfume or something. it is by no means an unpleasant smell (hi, baby powder) but i think it's just something you get used to using them that i am not used to being a full time cloth user. my kids dont have a scent, unless i am missing something. on top of that the smell of them when you take out the trash is really, i mean really bad. i literally gagged and thought i might lose my lunch into the sink just now taking them outside. and my last complaint is that those suckers are many times harder to flick poo off of into the toilet. did you know that it is illegal to put the diaper in the trash without dumping the poo? legally you are supposed to be dumping and rinsing out the diaper before wrapping it up and tossing it. this has been your "the more you know" moment for the day.

her rash is 90% better and that is good enough for me to switch back to cloth/burt's bees until it is back to ideal. i've actually been irrationally embarrassed about my disposable diaper use. key word being irrationally. we went to small group and it was sticking out of her pants and i had a flicker of something inside me wanting to justify it casually in a conversation. this would have fallen on "uhh... ok. no biggie" ears all around. no one cares about what is on my kids heiny but me!

welcome back to the fluffy side olive

and we are leaving to go camping on monday. stoked!


Sarah said...

i hear you on the sposies; we're using them until we get into our house (the cloth is packed on the moving truck, which is in a storage lot while we speak >.< They are stinky and weird. Ever notice how they smell slightly of cheerios when they are wet??? It's odd.

jenny mae. said...

LOL! cheerios!

kasandora said...

I had one of those *car moments* when I was a child, I accidentally kicked the car into dad was inside my grandpa's house and just happened to notice me rolling down the hill. He got there in time to save me from bashing into the trees, but it was scary.

And yes, the american diapers do smell weird...When we traveled back we used disposables for 2 weeks and blech...I hate the baby powder smell (but I am weird). When Nana was first born we used disposables for the first month, and they don't have a smell in this they have a cool line down the front that tells you when they are wet....which was useful for my husband who for some reason couldn't feel the difference!

melanie jennifer said...

did you know that it is illegal to put the diaper in the trash without dumping the poo?

It drives me crazy that people don't know that! I think most people today are just really lazy and want everything done the easy way. I also hate the Diaper Gennie thing.

Anonymous said...

It is actually not illegal to throw away the diaper with the poo in it. In fact, in a day care setting if you were to attempt that you would be cited with a health code violation. We aren't even allowed to empty out cloth diapers in the potty--we have to put all diapers in plastic bags (how environmentally friendly is that) before disposing of them. If they're cloth they go in a plastic bag to be taken home for the parents to deal with.

And I agree that disposable diapers smell yucky.

jenny mae. said...

clarekin - are you sure? ive read multiple places that it is. it even says something like that on boxes of diapers

saylor days said...

-when my brother was little he put the van in reverse down the driveway and ran into the neighbors mailbox.story has been told a million times in our fam.
-i use the 7th generation diaps now and i guess they do have a smell but not like other disposables.
-i know that irrational feeling we've talked about that, i'd give a bottle to say and try to make sure people knew it was breast milk! like they cared for pete's sake.

Kristin Jo said...

hey jenny

how many cloth diapers do you realistically need for a full working set for one child?

have you tried fuzzi bunz new & old style? if so, do you have a preference?


jenny mae. said...

kristin jo - are we talking about a newborn here? if so i had 21 diapers and was able to wash every 1.5 days. when my kids went into mediums we had 19, and larges (we used Petite Toddler FBs) we had 18. i have used some prefolds, fitteds with wool & plastic covers, and pocket diapers in my history of CDing. i prefer FBs and that is what we use exclusively now. i have not tried the new style to be honest but have no problems with my older style ones.