Monday, August 25, 2008


I saw this today on Post Secret and nearly cried. If you or anyone you know has had a traumatic birth or residual feelings of disappointment or anything in between I strongly encourage you to reach out to your local ICAN chapter and work through it. I think sometimes that giving birth has the potential to be very liberating and empowering but it's such an emotional event that the possibility of it being something negative is great as well. There's no shame in how anyone births. I know ICAN has really helped many people work through their negative experiences and go on to have VBACS or generally make peace with what they went through.


amanda. said...

there's no shame in how anyone births, regardless of how informed or uninformed they are. many women don't have the birth they wanted even when they Are very informed.
every woman is in a different place.

ICAN is amazing.

saraH said...

Thanks for this Jenny. i attended my first ICAN meeting last week and loved it. lots of people read your blog, so thanks for this.

jenny mae. said...

yes i didnt meant to imply there was shame in birth. i will rewrite that.