Friday, September 26, 2008

fall is here, orgasmic birth

well there's not deny it now. fall is here! i saw the first subtle hue changes in the trees as i was taking augustine to gymnastics class this morning. i sat forward in my seat taking it all in. ohio's seasonal color changes are amazing. i don't know how you folk who have no significant seasonal changes of your own to enjoy stand it. i could never do without a rock solid change every quarter. i got out our thick duvet and fluffed it into place while the kids screamed and hollared running under it. short of Glory there's no place i'd rather be than snuggled up in my bed. (and apparently every one else agrees because i keep waking up for 4 people in my bed every morning!) i welcome the days of early nightfall and late sunrise. more sleep for my daybreaking children's energy! we went to the store, bought a mound of apples (made plans to go apple picking but need to consult the boyd's about where they go) and i made a caramel apple pie. just try to imagine it. for breakfast, for today was davids first day back to school from his fall break, i made him an apple crisp. nothing says fall like apple crisp, roasted chicken, and cider am i right? now i just need to go buy the cider and we're cleared to take some brisk walks and collect leaves.

auggie has been acting particularly bored lately and im thinking of enrolling him in some more activities. so today i added him to a gymnastics class. i went to go drop him off and uhh apparently it was parent involved. i gulp, looking at olive thinking well what the heck do i do with this one!? while the teacher is beckoning me to interact with the class equipment. the class is for ages 3-4 and well if you know olive, some of you do, it will be no surprise to you that she fit right in seamlessly. well nearly seamlessly. she wouldnt get out from under the parachute when we were done under it but she can do somersaults down the wedge mat as well as any other kid in the class and she can actually walk down the lowest beam by herself and hang/swing on the low bar longer than augustine can. so im officially scamming the community center out of $21 by olive being so interactive i guess. whoops. i made a little calendar for augustine highlighting all of his weekly activities. this after him always saying how he never had anything to do. (woe is him!)

sunday - church.
first 3 mondays - small group.
monday - open
tuesday - story time for him. 10 am. then painting 2-2:45
thursday - story time for olive. 10 am
friday - open
saturday - open

OMG IM STUNTING MY CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT BY NOT HAVING A FULL SCHEDULE! my only problem with where we live is that we dont have kids around. jakin is moving a few blocks away (but too many to just hop skip and jump over to) at the beginning of next week and the boy he used to chum around with moved this summer. darn it you cannot ask a lady struggling with anxiety attacks to just Get Out There and start over! ok you can. you must. actually today a woman at gymnastics sat down next to me during circle time and said "hi! are you jenny?". *gulp* yes "i've seen your birth video on youtube!

on that note as well i went to go see orgasmic birth last night with michelle rigsby. interesting, compelling, thought provoking. i was SO happy to see such a good turn out for the screening that included a variety of ages (bitty babies, teenage girls, college aged girls, 20something mothers, even couples) there is something in me that gets very fired up when i see men taking part in such activism. i have first hand seen the impact david made in our experience and it was remarkable and irreplaceable. anyways as i've said, im a big ol' conservative and the title made me blush something fierce. two thoughts on that - the first is that the very point that i am blushing is a commentary on our societies backwardness about all things circle of life. where was my conscience when the people were wearing nothing but their (tiny) underwear in last nights Survivor premier? no response on the blush-front. that should outrage me, make me turn my eyes from it. and yet i couldn't even say the words ORGASMIC BIRTH to my mom on the phone when she asked what movie i was going to see. which brings me to my second point - mom, i love you more than i've loved any woman ever but come on, we never talked about sex. i think there needs to be a real (appropriate level of) transparency with children as they grow up. we can talk about abstinence all we want and like, i support that idea but is it reality? no. so because it isn't real we've got to talk about the "what ifs" because really, i dont think by and large we live in society who reveres sex until marriage. a blind eye bring turned isn't helping anything. so anyways i think sometimes women have experiences in their birth (and elsewhere) because they just dont know what in the world is normal or havnt built that safety/trust bond with their body.

i personally prefer the previous title "ecstatic birth" because to me that was what they were talking about. how to have a joyful, BLISSFUL, empowered, awesome birth. but someone pointed out that the director received more funding because of the title change because it was so much more sensational. blah blah blah politics


indesignguy said...

Try Lynds for apples ::

And for what the gov't charges in taxes, you aren't scamming them one bit for sneaking Olive into gymnastics class. :]

jenny mae. said...

i knew you were a liberal brian! you have been busted! thanks for the link. that was the only apple picking place i knew of anyways. have you been there?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
I go to Central too and stumbled upon your blog. You can check out to find great apple picking places. Lynd's is a rip off to be quite honest. There's a great orchard in Granville (Granville Orchard) and Branstool Orchard in Utica isn't bad either. We've gone apple picking as a family for as long as I can remember so I hope you have fun with your family!

jenny mae. said...

the buzz from the bees was that lynd's was the high end version of a real orchard yes.

this past summer we went blueberry picking and it was SO fun. our 3 yr old augustine is very excited about getting apples.

Anonymous said...

My folks go to the Granville orchard all the time and love it!

Anonymous said...

we love charlie's apples -- a newly organic orchard -

mamma said...

Hi. It's good to see this open blog from you.

Your thoughts are empowering you know.

Anyway, no more great goo stuff.

I'm thrilled about fall as well, but my Hosanna is more thrilled about winter! we had a near meltdown the other day because it wasn't snowing outside! somebody show her how pretty fall is!!!!

Amber said...

Any chance your apple crisp will make it to the food blog? :)

jenny mae. said...

amber - i will put it up, though as i mentioned a few posts back olive made our camera go kaput so there won't be any pictures. bor-ing!