Saturday, October 18, 2008

pumpkins and messy faces

now we just need some stencils

we went to a pumpkin patch yesterday. we have gone there three years in a row now. the plus was that they had some of those big bouncy blow up things that kids love so much, the minus was that the dog that augustine loves wasn't there this year. i dont care if you are an arthritic dinosaur of a canine, show up when my kid is coming darn it! :) it's odd to see that video because that is how old olive is now! (their birthdays are 3 days apart so it's sort of fun seeing pictures of them in the same seasons at the same age but in differeny years) onward to photos!

um, how & when did my kid turn into a little lady?

they spent upwards of 30 minutes in this thing

with my dad

augustine yelling "pumpkins!!"

& then the other day when i was making brownies.

one more

and not at all as a sidenote or after throught, robina sent me (ok olive) some surprise mail yesterday containing a HARF. if you know me you know what a harf is and how much i scavenge the earth collecting them. this one is vintage!!

& now i've really REALLY got to get a hot cup of tea in me. im freezing.


saylor days said...

what pumpkin place did you go to? i went to one this morning but there was no ball bouncy thingee! and auggie is wearing the shoes that i am looking for for saylor and cant find in his size... agh.
also your kids are beautiful.

jenny mae. said...

michelle - we went to the one off of post rd in dublin. jacquamin farm. also those shoes? journeys for kids at polaris!