Monday, October 20, 2008

stumbling around on the internet

do you know what Stumble Upon is? it is an application that you can add to your firefox browser that by entering in a general profile and clicking the "stumble" button you randomly are sent to a website that based on your interests, you should like. you can then give this site a thumbs up "i like it" or thumbs down "get this malarkey off my screen!". so over time the stumble feature becomes more and more in tune with who you are and sends you to an ever increasingly personally interesting array of websites. you can also stumble just through youtube videos, random photos, blogs, news reports, and so on.

some of my recent stumbles of note:

- a photo project wherein a man took a polaroid every single day for over 18 years.

- Good 50 X 70. this is a project that makes creative commentary on world issues like HIV/AIDS, poverty, war, and so on. this image or this is my favorite. (it's so hard to pick)

- a funny ecard i sent to maggie.

- portland in the snow = massive problems for drivers.

- cat haikus amuse me

- tree houses i dream of living in. all the while i try to pretend i am not the happy hippy underneath this hipster exterior. oh i want to live in a treehouse!

- American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention. this is serious business folks. if we're going to live to see Jesus come back and kill all the terrorists we've got to arm ourselves with knowledge against velociraptor attacks. how long would you survive chained to a bunkbed with a velociraptor? (me, 1 minute 6 seconds)

- Days with my Father. a photographer documents his last few days with his father. heartbreaking, moving. just... oh.

and you thought i parented my children during the day!


mandi said...

those tree houses!?! so amazing. and i was thrilled when my husband built our little one (shoot- i can see the whole neighborhood from up there!). and, the american society for the velociraptors...wha?? you're commentary on that was hilarious!

jenny mae. said...

do you have pictures of said tree house?!

Kristin said...

The picture of the nursing child is just heart-wrenching. I can't imagine. :(