Friday, January 23, 2009

DITL - January 22, 2009

i havnt done one of these in a while so yesterday i decided to do a day in the life photolog of my day. i think some of the reasons i never do them is because it feels like every day is the same, but then again i should celebrate the ordinary, even if it is for the purpose of archiving our lives.

so anyways my day began at 7:55 with the sound of shuffling little feet making their way into my room. this was actually sleeping in so i was happy. augustine and i were going to have a day to ourselves which included a trip to COSI (voted best children's science museum in the country!) and lunch, etc. olive stayed the night at my parents house.

breffis. he had organic yogurt and a banana

& uhh i had leftover hounddogs pizza. SO GOOD. i do not regret it.

it was pretty cold out (20 degrees or so) so i knew i had to plug in the car to get it to start. we do not likes going out in the snow to plug in the car. clearly.

it takes about an hour for the block heater to be effective so augustine and i took a bath together.

im currently stretching my ears again (to 15/16) so i have a small ritual that involves taping and olive oil. i snapped this funny picture of myself in the midst of that process after the bath.

have i mentioned how much i love this new deodorant? all props go to robina ([info]thesaturdaygirl) for the recommendation. it is the first natural deodorant that ive ever used that actually works! i got it at the co-op and i just know that this will be my go-to stick for life.

finally i am presentable!

i pack a bag of snick snacks for COSI and off we go.

augustine hates the sun being in his face. he is one of those children who, upon setting even a pinky toe in the sunshine he starts sneezing. so he routinely puts his lovey on top of his head in the car to block it. it's hilarious. and yes i snapped that while driving.

we head downtown. park and head in.

i get a locker, stuff our things in it but just in case i stick an ativan in my pocket.

they have this really cool "clock" at COSI which proves that the earth spins. it is a pendulum that just swings back and forth and yet every minute it knocks over a new ball. very cool

augustine and i in a "rocket ship" simulator.

then off to play with the robot controllers. he was actually pretty good at coordinating them to do what he wanted.

jumping water. he thought this was hilarious.

ok you get the point COSI was really fun.

then we ate lunch in the atomic cafe. i must say i was very glad that i packed up food because the prices there were outrageous. well for our meager budget. he was a good sport and didnt make a peep about eating finger food when the kid next to us had macaroni and cheese and french fries with chocolate milk. internally i threw a fit though because the most delicious smelling cheeseburger sat down catty corner from me. ohhh buddy.

we made our way back to the car after 3 hours or so. we were driving home and, again i will stress that it was around 20 degrees. going down high street (the main drag in columbus) and we see a dude with no shirt on. i point him out to augustine who bursts out saying "PULL OVER! pull over! i want to talk to that man! why doesnt he have a shirt on! go baaaack! i want to ask him a question!" it was hysterical.

final stop before heading home was to wholly craft, which is an awesome handmade, diy shop. i really wanted to get the 2009 nikki mcclure calendar that i saw there before christmas. sold out! frick. augustine saw a handmade monster that he said he wanted for his birthday.

we get home, i call my dad to see when olive is coming home. turns out there were just a mile or two down the road! good timing!

the bad part was that she had fallen asleep about 10 minutes prior to my calling (this was at about 1:30) and so FRICK naptime was shot. it was especially annoying because she was up until 11 pm with my parents. so she was exhausted but i knew there was no way she would go back to sleep or transfer to bed. but i did insist on 1 hour of quiet play in her room while augustine took a nap in my bed.

when quiet time for olive was over the kids played with trains while i got to work on things of real substance for the first time during the day. i admit im feeling kind of stressed about work lately. i feel like every day ive got to choose: am i going to take care of the house, the kids, or my job (transcribing medical reports)? i cannot do all three in the same span of time. usually i have to pick two and make peace. today i *had* to do reports so basically the children were on their own until dinner time.

nothing fantastic here. i made gooey cheddar grilled cheeses with tomato soup for us all to dip them in. this is one of the kid's favorite meals. did i mention how cute olive's bowl is? she has a matching plate too. augustine got a monster themed one, but of course im partial to the birds. tweet! tweet!

then it was back to the computer for me to keep typing so the kids just sat and watched tv.

by 7 olive was acting insanely tired so i scooper her up and took her upstairs. literally i nursed her and laid her down and 7 minutes later she was snoring, pacifier hanging out of her mouth, O U T. this is one of my favorite moments to pray over my children.

augustine finished watching a movie about firetrucks and by 8 he was tired and i put him to bed too. then, guess what? more typing! david got home at about 8:30 and that poor man was a ball of nerves. on wednesday-fridays he gets up at about 6:30 so it was a very long day. today will be even longer as he doesnt get off work until 9. but a group project he was working on for an engineering class went sour when his workmates turned out to be total ADD spazzes and in 4 hours got NOTHING done. so he just left and came home. we had a date on the couch to finish off the night, watched top chef that we had dvr'd from last night. and after that long long day he still folded a load of laundry!

before i went off to bed i worked on my farm & played scrabble with amy and a few others.


amanda said...

i really enjoyed this!

Carly said...

I love your DITL posts!

Also, I use that deodorant too. Though I use the rosemary mint scent. Pretty good stuff!

mandi said...

wait- what is your farm?

i want a farm!!!

Kristin said...

I love the picture of the car with the red cord! And I second Mandi's "what is your farm?" question. :)

jenny mae. said...

mandi & kristin - it is a facebook application called MyFarm. it is addictive!!!

Brooke said...

That deoderant...I'm interested. Does it have witch hazel in it? I've been looking for one for a while, and can't find anything besides my crystal that doesn't have witch hazel in it. I'm allergic...bleh.

jenny mae. said...

brooke - here is the list of ingredients and their safety rating. i dont see witch hazel in it!!

Dan S. said...

great post. man i miss COSI! i am thinking the family and i need to make a trip down to Columbus for a visit soon.