Friday, January 02, 2009

new years

good riddance 2008! i mean every minute of it did not stink but the heartbreak involved with the passing of two very dear people to me made me cheer the ringing i of 2009 much sweeter. i could not be more optimistic about 2009 in comparison. i mean really, could it get worse? i think not. the big redeeming moment of 2008 that just barely squeaked in, thus preventing me from giving 2008 a vulgar gesture altogether was the birth of my niece kylie on december 30th.

we rung in the new year in a low key way, playing rock band with some friends. honestly i was hoping for some more bravado but at the last minute david said he didnt want to party hop and instead go to only the party we planned on going to last, aka the most chilled. then i felt kinda stupid because i was all gussied up and ready to see tons of people and instead i had on too much make up for just sitting in a friends living room talking and eating doritos. im not knocking the company, it was great! but like, i am a stay at home mom and when the kids are gone i want to get out of my normal life a little. david and i got into a bit of a spat about it all and we didnt even leave the house until 10:30. we talked it out and i realized how far we've come in how we relate to one another and dialog honestly. we've had some really awesome gut honest conversations lately. it's kinda like im seeing new sides of him, which previously i thought wouldnt be possible. you know, just because we've known each other for so long and all that.

this song (petite feet) made my new years 1000X funnier. i sat on nathans couch and laughed and laughed and laughed.


Corah Webber said...

That video made my husband and I laugh until we cried. Thanks. I'm showing it to my mother.

jenny mae. said...

you should see the one called target women: birth control. SO FUNNY

Rachael said...

Oh come ON that was HILARIOUS!!!!

"you guys are gonna eat sandwiches? sandwiches are for boys!"

"I got this tote bag when I joined NPR"

"think of 5 amazing excuses to show people your arm pits"

o.k I'll stop quoting it.

mandi said...

so, after a fun day of playing rock band around here (almost a year ago) my 4 year old sings 'maps' (the yeah, yeah, yeahs) daily. ", wait THEY DON'T LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU!" it's hilarious!

a.parker said...

Loved the clip! I have apparently failed as a woman in 2008 and will work on making 2009 count. In fact, I am going to dance around my room with my arms up right now.

a.parker said...
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kathy said...

Too funny! Loved it! We have been playing Rock band for a few days now - the singing is totally hilarious. I understand the wanting 2008 to be over, I also lost family and I was very involved in the health and care of them so I hadn't thought about it but "yes, I'm glad 2008 is done" Happy Holidays!