Sunday, January 04, 2009

on getting better

mylo - dr. pressure

slowly but surely i am on the mend. friday i made my brother and sister in law some meals, one of which was a very rich baked potato soup. i ate two bowls of this that day and by nights end my stomach was giving me major signs of being unhappy. maybe the two aren't linked, in fact i don't think they are because no one else who has had any has had any reaction. i spent the entire night in bed as still as i could doing that deep breathing that somehow we are convinced will prevent us from puking. trust me, stillness and breathing won't work unless you were never intended to barf. and gesh i make the weirdest noises while throwing up. there are three things that i find the most embarrassing things in the world to do in front of other people (men especially)

1. putting on panty hose
now granted i am a no-frills type of lass so rarely am i presented with a situation where i might wear them but still. i find putting on panty hose in front of anyone wholly humiliating. there's usually wiggling and scrunching and pinching and it's just weird to witness.

2. licking envelopes
i will do just about everything to avoid seeing or being seen doing this. it just seems too sensual or something. and no i do not have a dirty mind. perhaps it was working in an office for many years and seeing people do this so often? the point is it seems like inappropriate mixed company events.

3. throwing up
once upon a time david took me on a fancy date when we were teenagers and i was so nervous that as soon as we got outside i barfed all over the sidewalk. (um i think i had panic attacks before i really wanted to admit this to myself...) i've had two children with my husband present, one of which he was IN THE TUB WITH ME for and still, i would rather do almost anything besides throw up in front of him. natural childbirth in all it's glory, sure. throwing up, nooo.
anyways im on the mend after spending about two solid days in bed. this meant missing augustine and olive's first "real" birthday party they were invited to (for jakin) and missing a family trip to see my new niece kylie. i was so so mad to miss both!

kylie the baby with all the hairs

olive was obviously very tired. she crept into kylie's room and set herself up for a comfy nap


Amber said...

I feel the exact same way about throwing up infront of people!!! When my husband comes to check on me I pratically slam the door in his face!!! So weird!! haha

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Olive's shoes!! What brand are they??? I just have to have them:) Thanks

jenny mae. said...

oh you wouldnt believe the admirers of these shoes! the short version of the story is that i once upon a time saw a little girl with these shoes, a friends child, complimented then and asked what brand they were just like you are asking me now. turns out such and such person way back when was in the peace corps and brought them home from some country. so the "rules" are that when your kid outgrows em they go to someone in the church who compliments them i gather. several people have already had them that i know!

Anonymous said...

Wow two 'what is that?' comments from one picture - but any idea where they got that swing or who makes it? it's exactly what i'm looking for.


-a lurker mom from boston

jenny mae. said...

lurker mom from boston - ill ask and get back to you!

mandi said...

olive's shoes! too cute! technically we are all a part of 'the church' right? so that totally makes me elgible for the shoes ; )

your throw up story made me laugh out loud or LOL, whatever. because it made me think of a time when i was dating my husband- we were in college- and i got sick while we were putting together wedding invitations. i ran to the bathroom thinking i needed to, er, 'sit' but then i started throwing up so i jumped off the pot to throw up. my knight in shining armor comes in to my rescue and i force him out. later, after i was feeling better he asked 'umm, why do you take your pants off when you throw up?' so funny...i can hardly type.

ok- sorry i shared all that. seemed like the right thing to do.

glad you're on the mend!

jenny mae. said...

ok lurker mom it is an eddie bauer classic wooden swing. i believe it is still available for sale

mandi - your story has me in stitches! best advice for both-end purging. sit on the pot with a bowl in your lap. how's that for some tmi :)