Tuesday, August 04, 2009


an email i received today --

While filming for his new documentary in El Salvador last month, director Jamie Moffett (the director of the docu-film "The Ordinary Radicals") unintentionally came across the mysterious disappearance and murder of anti-mining environmental activist Marcelo Rivera. Rivera's murder coincides with Canadian mining company Pacific Rim's lawsuit against the government of El Salvador for opposing their plans to establish a gold mine in the impoverished San Isidro area. The government and activists like Rivera are concerned that the proposed mine would contaminate San Isidro's already limited water supply. These environmental and human rights concerns have fueled severe resistance in the community against Pacific Rim and their practices.

After hearing the story of Rivera's torture and death that held strong implications of a death squad killing, Jamie felt compelled to bring the details to public awareness. He filmed a seven-minute video detailing Pacific Rim's exploitation of the Salvadoran people, Rivera's brutal murder, and the connection between the two.

Here's what you can do to help:

-Watch the video and share the link with everyone you know.

-Join our cause by signing our petition and sending it to your state representatives, asking them to demand a full investigation into Rivera's murder. We invite you to copy the message and send it along to any other influential people you may know of.

-Read the article in the Philadelphia City Paper and spread the word to all your friends!

As upholders of peace and justice, let us gather in support of the family and friends of Marcelo Rivera and the El Salvador community. We won't tolerate such exploitation, torture, or murder.

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