Monday, September 28, 2009


my friend kristin casually mentioned that she found old photos of her grandparents i believe? by googling their names. a spot of boredom led me to do the same and oh. OH! folks you are glad you are not in the room with me right now to see me pouring over these photos i found of not only my parents, but uncles, cousins, grandparents, even great grandparents! i have no living grandparents or great grandparents and haven't since 2005. oh people! i am bawling my eyes out looking at my grandparents senior photos

Bob Fry - class of 1937 (maternal grandpa, aka bob bob)

Cle Pauline Henry - class of 1937. maternal grandma - she died before i was born, however i've been told we would have had a lot in common. i love that she was the class secretary.

Betty Dee Painter - class of 1949 (my paternal grandma) aka maw maw

(no record of my paternal grandpa just yet)

Jeffrey Charles Hatfield - class of 1972. my pop

Jane Adeline Fry - class of 1971 - my mom

i also found an entry on about my great grandpa (paternal side) named Mabel Ellen Smiley (later Hatfield).

i think i could very easily get into geneology. i eat this stuff up! my mothers side had a historian who mapped our family history all the way back to scotland in the 1600s. did i mention sir william wallace is in my family tree? and that his daughters name was adaline which has been passed down many many times through my moms side? olive's middle name is adeline.

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Anonymous said...

I tried that with mine, but no luck. :( My grandparents are incognito! LOL