Monday, May 17, 2010

best weekend ever

best weekend ever.

friday night i got to babysit rosalie baxter which went smashingly well. i absolutely remember david and i's first date post-babies. with augustine we went to a driving range (WHAT?) and whacked some balls for an hour. that is the first and last time i've ever golfed in any capacity and what brought us to think that was a good first post-baby date is beyond me. with olive we went to agora. i distinctly remember coming home and olive was shrieking her head off while my dad tried to put her to sleep. bad times man. i spent the rest of the evening after the baxters left reading the deathly hallows. i think i read until at least midnight then i tossed and turned thinking about horcruxes and snakes until i got out of bed at 2 am and took a benedryl to make me go to sleep.

since i slept so badly the night before i asked david to let me sleep in (YEAH) and the rest of the morning we just laid around doing little projects and reading. last week we inherited david's grandparents' record player but we only had three albums (well and some punk/hardcore 7 inches but meh. over that for the most part) there's only so many times i can listen to the sound of music soundtrack and we quickly maxed that out. after the kid's nap my dad popped by and picked them up to stay the night while we went record shopping and had a date. we got some good schwag - radiohead, beruit, queen, chemical brothers, velvet underground, led zepplin, etc. we picked up some dinner and brought it home so we could listen to some music before the movie at studio 35 started. then we hopped on our bikes and went to the theater only to realize that the movie we thought started at 7:30 actually started at 7. so back home we went to just order a movie off the tv and veg.

sunday david woke up super early and ran sound at church while i stayed in bed until the last possible moment before walking to church. church was awesome, the sermon was about the christian being the hope of the poor - which transitioned perfectly into the afternoon's business of the launch of the justice garden's community garden. now many of you know that the execution of food justice has been on my heart for over two years so it comes as no surprise that i cried off an on throughout the day that this day had finally come. that we were making physical work of a spiritual calling and oh. OH the people that turned up. the work began at around 11:30 (but i didn't get there until 1:30 because i has to wait for david to clear up the sound equipment around the church) but i would guess that maybe 200 people were there throughout the day. rainbarrels were attached to the abandoned house next door, holes were dug for fruit bushes/trees, dozens (hundreds?) of starts were into the ground, a three-bin compost area was built near the beehives, ground was turned over, compost was being carted off by the barrowfull in all directions. my friend dan was walking around taking pictures so when he puts them up i'll show some here. it was so emotional to see so many hands digging and turning and building up this garden. neighbors came around (enticed by the free BBQ but hey! many stayed to talk or help which was important). their stories touched me so deeply. a friend's son found a dirty needle, a woman got emotional talking about how much the neighborhood needed this, a man talking with david and i about how many junkies there were hanging around. my friend jamie was walking with some ladies and their children and a man catcalled them, the women said hi to the men, then one turned to jamie and said that one of those men had raped her. that she had just said hello to her rapist. i could do nothing but close up my throat and hold my hands to my face when she told me that. i am really excited to see what this little bit of dirt can do for the community.

i know it can, i believe it can, it will.

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Kristin said...

I'm so excited for your garden project, and sooo happy for you to be able to finally see it come to pass! :) Isn't it amazing when God gives you something to do, and you pour so much into it, and finally something comes together!!? I'm so happy for you!!! Keep up the good work, sister!