Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't read this if you don't want Lost spoilers

how awesome was Lost last night!?

it will take me at least a week to digest and process it all, maybe more. i went to bed angry because i thought everything meant one thing but when i woke up, scoured the internet, and talked to a dozen people i worked out some more things and now i am no longer angry or frustrated. quite the opposite. i feel so in love with how they ended it. sure there were some many many things left unresolved (what was the deal with the fertility problems on the island? what happened to walt? what the heck was that statue all about? what was the smoke monsters name? etc. etc.) i am "satisfied enough" though to profess my undying love for the show. the highlights (OMG THE HATCH, the emotional wreckage of charlie's death, finally seeing ben linus punched in the face, finding out about the Others, etc) heavily outweighed the not-so-great elements of the show (claire's cheesy wigs in the final season, the always annoying juliet, the eww relationship with boone lusting over his step sister, etc.) BEST SHOW EVER and i'm so sad it's over! my favorite characters were, in no order because they vary so much over the series:

charlie post-heroin
demond pre-oceanic six departure
mr. eko
jacob, once he stopped being a weirdo in a cabin

i cried several times during the finale/wrap up, most notably when clair and charlie were reunited. you know after she had 2 contractions and pushed a baby out BECAUSE THAT COULD LIKE TOTALLY HAPPEN. i went from laughing at that horrible birth scene to crying when charlie walked in with such love in his eyes. his death was my favorite episode of the series, tied with the moment locke saw the light go on in the hatch. david and i actually shouted when that happened!

what were your thoughts on last night's finale?


Heather said...

I went into the finale knowing 2 things. I was going to sob my eyes out. And that they were not going to answer all of my questions. I mean, it's not the LOST way. They leave it up to the viewer to interpret in his/her own way. I think so many people were disappointed because they expected all of their questions to be answered but I think if they had done that it would have taken away from the series as a whole. I am also in love with the ending. I think it was very fitting. What else could they have done? They needed to end things, to say goodbye to the show and to these characters that we have come to love. I will say I think they left it wide open to a possible spin-off....the adventures of Hurley and Ben?

jenny mae. said...


EVA said...

I never really got into that show when it was first on, and I'm wishing that I had!

effie said...

i loved it so much!!

faraday forever :)

re: the fertility issues, the statue was of taweret, the goddess of birth/rebirth... so i'm thinking the fertility issues have something to do with the statue being broken. whatcha think?

saylor days said...

i thought it was good too. i think this whole season was a little strange but i was willing to see it through and i'm happy with how it ended. although the whole relationship, in between life/death stuff veers far away from the dharma initiative stuff and all those questions.
anyway i loved the emotionalness of all the people remembering their loves. colin said he wanted to get a hand tattoo on his palm 'not penny's boat' he says it'd fade away eventually so it'd be fun to have for a bit, i said no..ha

meridith said...

i knew going in that every question couldn't possibly be answered and hopefully that it just wouldn't end on a note of some crazy huge new mystery never to be solved or a horrible tragedy. so, having said all that - i liked it. loved seeing all the reunions and cried through most of them (even juliette who is so annoying and sawyer who i did not like seeing with her). all in all - it was Lost - the show i have loved and become so wrapped up in and it was good. now i'm hoping they make a movie showing hurley as the new jacob and his different way of running things!

Jamie said...

I too am a LOST fan foreva!! I will miss it sooo much!