Thursday, July 15, 2010

dance class

a few pictures from olive's dance class
Olive's dance class

Olive's dance class
she was supposed to lead the group in a new dance step and she felt intimidated. THAT FACE

& a video of her dance she learned

she looks so leetle!!


meridith said...

this is so precious! i love her! where did you find that class? was it only a week long?

jenny mae. said...

yes it was a week long. well Tu-F actually through whetstone rec center. i think the class was like $25? SEE WHAT YOU HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!

Betty the Bruiser said...

So cute. Your daughter has what I like to call "Minnie Mouse eyes" because they're so big and starry that they almost look cartoony. I hope that makes sense. Anyways, she's really adorable.

jenny mae. said...

one of my nieces has ENORMOUS eyes. much larger than my little ditties even!