Monday, October 11, 2010

bullet points

+we raised $240 at our bake sale this weekend! i am amazed and blessed that so many people walked/came by and bought stuff. i had way less baked goods than i needed - and this after baking for 2 straight days making pretzles, cookies, pies, and brownies. after being "open" a mere 45 minutes over half of our goodies were gone! so i ran inside, threw together more brownies and a cherry crisp and somehow we made it work.

+our annual day of the dead celebration is rapidly approaching and i'm pulling together what i hope will be a better costume this year. i've worn the same dress two years in a row and only made small improvements with the make up last year from the first. this year i'm going to make a better effort. which brings me to my request: does anyone have any high pigment make up i can have? i was going to run out or order some MAC stuff but meh, i though i'd ask here first because i know i have a few fashionable ladies who have treasure troves of the stuff lying around. i basically just want something to use around my eyes so anything bright (red? blue? green? purple? orange?) and saturated would work. i just don't want to spend money on expensive make up that i will only use once a year perhaps. ilu guys

+sunday was [info]nikolem2's wedding and i couldn't get in the car and go. it was in cincinnati and i just have never been that far away in the last few months so we stayed home, much to my chagrin. she is my oldest friend and i know it would have been amazing! it was all eco-friendly, local foods, vintage/reused/upcycled stuff. love it.

+augustine and i have started star gazing. he and i are mutually interested in the cosmos so i went to the library and got a mountain of books on the subject including some really rad star charts that tell you precisely when to go outside each month and where to see the constellations. as soon as i see david on a regular basis again we are planning a trip up to perkins observatory to get a Real View of the stars. i just need to coordinate our schedule with that of as nearly a moonless night as possible. augustine is going to flip!

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