Wednesday, October 13, 2010

cold turkey, sci-fi, getting older

day of the dead make up
i did a practice run of my dia de los muertos make up. this took me 1.5 hours and i am not entirely satisfied with it so i'm going to do it at least one more time. i think it looks pretty good though

we've cold turkey'ed olive's pacifier use. please ignore and/or excuse and/or do not judge the fact that she is 3 1/2 and has thus far steadily and enthusiastically loved that thing. i am quite happy to use bribery to my advantage in this matter and i promised olive a toy-trip to target if she gives up without complaint, for a week. three days in and not a peep about it. this is exactly the same track she took when we transitioned out of co-sleeping. shockingly easy and quick.

unrelated but do you ever notice how on say, star wars or star trek that there is a disproportionate amount of humans to aliens shown inhabiting the universe? why does this bother me? im blaming the the coffee buzz i am on right now coupled with my high consumption rate of sci-fi.

also unrelated, but i am really enjoying getting older and the changes it brings. not so much physical, for who could really get too jazzed up about wrinkles and gray hair and all that, but the emotional, social, and psychological changes developing. gosh being young is for the birds by comparison! you've got a body you probably only think you feel comfortable in, have totally messy relationships, and lack in wisdom. now, creeping up on 30, i am on a good track to love my every artistic quirk God gave me, have meaningful, supportive relationships with my family and friends, and well -- i still seriously lack in wisdom. i can't really put my finger on it, so therefore i'm throwing my opinion towards "simply getting older" but the feeling of acceptance is coloring my worldview. not acceptance in the sense of no-rules, everyone can just do whatever feels good/seems right to them but accepting that i am the way i am and others are how they are and not getting so up in arms that we can't just agree. i'm pretty positive i'm only meant to agree with a small percentage of people in the world and the rest we're just supposed to love and work towards cooperation and peace. life is so much easier now that i've realized it's pointless to get ruffled by people who are extremely different from me. now that certainly doesn't mean everything is a-okay and that justice stands for nothing but by and large people do their thing and that doesn't affect my life one lick usually. moral of the story - love God and people as much as you can, stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves, and let the rest go because you can't control it.


Pumpernickel Pickle said...

I've thought about the Star Trek/Wars thing too. I think it's because the storyline is predominately from the view of the humans in the federation or the alliance. Birds of a feather flock together and the humans are the stars in this case so we see more of them. Hmmm...

Adriana said...

wow the makeup is amazing. im totally blown away. i almost did a day of the dead theme for my sons birthday but no one got it. oh well, we are doing a 'reading' theme instead. talk about polar opposites!lol

xoxo Izzy said...

Its so wonder finding a positive person on the internet. You the shining example of how I would like to live my life.

meridith said...

"love God and people as much as you can, stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves, and let the rest go because you can't control it."

that's a good quote.

madelyn said...

most def. I myself am just discovering this as well :)
For the longest time I even wondered not only "why we can't just agree" but why we have to agree to disagree when one of us could definitely be the more logical. I am literally finding that sometimes, it's nice to not let something bother me... this has taken MUCH practice and prayer.