Friday, January 07, 2011

family picture

Family shot

how cute is my big family? this is maria (david's sister OBVIOUSLY - look at those two!), her husband duane, and their kiddos jena, paige, annie, and ruby. and then of course me, david, augustine, and olive. we had this taken just before christmas and gave it to my in-laws. time passed way too quickly with them while they were in town even though by comparison we spent a lot of time together!

also, having a big housewarming party tonight and i am making black bean/quinoa sliders, individual cookies and cream cheesecakes, and homemade mini pizzas in three flavors (caramelized onion/pesto, pepperoni, and hawaiian). it's 5 1/2 hours before party time and i am done with everything but physically making the pizzas/burgers which i might start in a few hours and just let them stay warm in the oven until people start showing up. i've already got a stack of records for the playlist, floors swept, food table laid out, dishes done! feels good because normally i am not this organized.

also, last night i had a migraine which if you've had them of course was terrible. however, if it is possible to have a "best" migraine that would have been it. i was lucky enough that my dad was over and he gave me an adjustment right as the initial aura started to set in (6:30 pm) (btw did you know that migraine related aura are actually the result of your brain swelling and it pressing on the optic nerve in your eye? EWW/interesting!) after that i took two tylenol and two benedryl, turned on my bed warmer, and i swear i didn't so much as roll over or move a muscle until 7 am. 12 hours of sleep later i still feel extremely hungover, which is always the post-migraine feeling but this one feels just like i was punched in the brain, not run over by a truck sooo yay?


Eva said...

so cute!

Madelyn said...

what is a bed warmer? does it help? I might need to get one.

jenny mae. said...

it is a mattress pad that works just like a very large heating pad. I LOVE IT

madelyn said...

hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm... :)!