Sunday, January 09, 2011

party time

2 hours before our housewarming party i started getting ANOTHER migraine. i couldn't believe it! i usually have one per year if that! (my last one was about 18 months ago) and here i am having two in one weekend! luckily i had most of the house set up and all of it was cleaned. the second and third batch of pizzas needed assembled and baked, and a few odds and ends laid out before people showed up but besides that we were ready. so it wasn't that big of a deal but um hello i was about to have 50+ people descend on my house and i was going to be O.U.T. and out i was. i downed two excedrin migraines and went upstairs. i was so desperate for relief that i forgot that concentrated caffeine makes me NUTS, nauseated (which leads to vomiting), etc. it also does strange things to my hands - they go rigid and eventually totally numb. at one point i was laying on the bed and i couldn't tell if i was touching david, me, or the bed (which was pretty crazy-making as you can imagine). as easy as the migraine on thursday night was, this one was painful. i rolled around moaning for a few hours but finally made myself go downstairs and face the party at around 7:30 or 8. i felt totally hungover and definitely stuck to the shadows. moving too suddenly, standing up, someone making a loud noise, or a kid bumping into me sent my hands to the sides of my temples in a grimace. while in bed i remember telling david that i wish i had a drill bit to drill into my skull (a la pi) and relieve the pressure.

i must interject here how much i love david. everything i need when i'm in crisis mode, david intuits and responds perfectly. im laying in bed trying to pull my head apart, dry heaving into a bowl, but i'm crying and telling him how much i love and appreciate him. i just kept chanting something like christ be in my body! Christ be in my body! which reminded me of when i was in labor and i kept calling out MERCY! MERCY! migraines are definitely the natural childbirth of headaches! anyways, david is amazing and i love him so much i want to just want to keep him in my pocket.

overall the party went well from what i remember. so many awesome friends showed up and brought us gifts and hugs and congratulations. it isn't home unless it's full of friends and laughing and kids shrieking. speaking of kids, augustine had his first sleepover that night. SUCH A FUN NIGHT TO HAVE A MIGRAINE! four kids slept over, though one woke up just after midnight crying and wanted to go home. poor little henry! despite going to bed at 11 pm, waking with henry after midnight, the kids still got up at 6:30 am! david let me sleep in, God bless him! and he made pancakes and watched star wars with all the little dudes. i felt like i had just woken up from a hard, HARD night of drinking the entire day. which stunk well a) because you feel awful and grumpy and tired obviously but b) it was my niece kylie's birthday party and i just kind of sat in the corner like a lump which isn't typical for me. after her party we went home and i went straight to bed with doctor who season 4 in tow and didn't come out for 12 hours.

first order of business tomorrow: getting a call into my doctor for a script for a migraine med. no more fooling around


Eva said...

wow, those migraines sound INTENSE. I get really bad headaches, but they're usually tension headaches stemming from my neck pain...I can honestly say I've never experienced a migraine like those. I hope you get some meds that will really help! Sounds like such torture.

That's so cute about telling your husband how much you love him in the midst of your pain :)

Genevieve said...

i've never had a true migraine but they sound perfectly terrible. get yourself some meds girl!

jenny mae. said...

a migraine feels like the worst ice cream headache you've ever had that lasts for about 5-8 hours then makes you feel more hungover than you could imagine the next day. FUN!

i have a doctors appointment thursday. no more messing about!

Karen said...

I'm sure you've tried everything, but I get migraines about once every two weeks and the only thing that helps (other than darkness, cold compress,etc) is Advil Migraine. It takes about twenty minutes, but the migraine aspect wears off after that, making life bearable again.
I feel the same about my hubbie, too. He knows exactly how to help. We are so blessed.

jenny mae. said...

does advil migraine have caffeine in it?

Karen said...

No. That's why I don't take the Excedrin. It actually makes it easy to sleep/rest after taking the Advil Mig.

Madelyn said...

awesome- this coincidentally happens to my Husband about a couple times a month and he can't take hardly any meds cuz caffeine.