Wednesday, February 08, 2012

well that sucked.

well that sucked. i spent 19 of the last 24 hours in bed having mt brains ripped apart with a migraine. do. not. want. i've had migraines since i was in middle school and they never get any easier. i would probably not want to do it less than natural childbirth but not by much. i spent 2-3 hours barfing, then another 10 crying, moaning, changing positions every few minutes, generally wanting to pull the sides of my head apart to relieve the pressure in my head. there is nothing worse than having a migraine and vomiting. that pressure added? GET OUT. i haven't gotten sick with my migraines since i was in high school so this one was a doozy. i'm just that lucky! i was out with friends and as soon as my feet hit the pavement to go into the restaurant i started getting an aura (vision disturbance which looks like what happens when you see a bright light). i knew i had about 20 minutes before things were going to get bad so thankfully they drove me home quick-like. sadly too much time had gone by to make my imitrex work effectively so onward the 19 hours i marched.

my good friend chelsea babysat olive and got augustine from the bus. i had no sense of time at all so at one point i my puke bowl felt full and i just needed david. so i called him and told him to come home after picking up the kids from chelsea's. turns out it was 4:50 PM when i called. apparently i had gotten in bed somewhere around 1 PM. the kids each came in and tenderly loved on me and then i rolled over again and went back to sweating and knotting my hands around my skull. sometime that evening david came in and i could see straight. he emptied my vomit bowl and got me a pear and slices of cheese and tried to get me to eat. the cheese was so good i almost cried. he's such a good guy slopping my puke bucket around and getting me snacks.

we watched tv in the dark for an hour or two and then i went dark again, awaking this morning at 7:30 to get augustine on the bus. i still felt only about 65% but after breakfast i felt a little better. later, upon my lovely friend karen's suggestion i took another imitrex to knock out the remainder of the migraine. so i took another and fell asleep while olive was at school. that did the trick and i am restored, praise Jesus.

i was very happy to be feeling somewhat better by today because i didn't want to miss breakfast with maggie on beatrix's 4th birthday. it was good seeing everyone and sharing food. i hope we get together for her birthday every year and remember her.


pom. said...

so glad you got to do breakfast.
so sad about your migraine! that sounds AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! x's a million

Allison said...

As a migriane sufferer, I feel your pain :o( When you're in the middle of one, you can't remember ever feeling ok and when it's over and gone, you can't believe you were such a baby and skipped work / family / whatever you bailed on. Or maybe that's just me!

jenny mae. said...

@pom. i know right! i was so glad i got out of bed to spend time with my friends!

@allison that's exactly how i feel! it's kind of like natural childbirth in that way. removed it doesn't seem that big of a deal but in the moment HOLY COW BATMAN