Thursday, December 13, 2007

my maniacal plan to feed vegetables to children!

i called the police on a neighbor yesterday. the jerk was riding his dirt bike on the street. umm hello!!? i realize i dont live in beverly hills but for crying out loud have some respect for our community! augustine and i were walking to the communal area mailboxes and heard the man firing up his engine and in my mind the tape recorder goes - oh no he is NOT ... [vroom!] ... oh no he didn't! ... [peels out] so i walk augustine across the street to his friends house who was out beckoning him to come play in his yard and he (5 yrs old) tells me that the man once rode the bike up on the side walk at him. add this to the fact that his mom once told me that the man likes to get high, i stormed inside and called the police. first, you simply can't ride such a vehicle on the street. second, my child was outside playing in an unfenced-in yard so if the man wanted to ride up on the sidewalk again my kid or any other in the neighborhood might get hit. and this is all quite a bit more likely if youre smoking up a joint and having yourself a one man party at freaking 2 o'clock in the afternoon on a weekday. by the time the police got here, surprisingly fast considering we technically live within the city limits and not in the richy rich school district we belong to, the man had packed up and gone inside so they were unable to do anything. i shall have WORDS upon WORDS with that man if i see it happen again.

i popped my head inside a neighbors house (the above mentioned friend's mother) to see how they were doing. they have a 6 week old beeb and i knew she'd just gone back to work. she looked totally fried, saying all 4 kids had been sick recently and she was really stressed. so i told her to let the two oldest kiddos (5 & 3) come to our house and play for a few hours. i mean it's not like i was having a showing on the house or anything - let em trash it a little if it gives the poor woman a break. four kids!! under 5 !! with two parents working what i suspect are minimum wage jobs !!

not to be all self righteous about my own rearing but i gather the kids eat a pretty subpar diet. ive never even heard them speak about eating anything other than hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and a nightly supper of taco bell (their dad works there). so i figured i'd make them a healthy supper of vegetable soup and asked all three kids (xavier 5, alexandar 3, and then auggie 2 1/2) to come help me out and cook. that was really fun to be honest. xavier is the most helpful, sweet natured boy i think i've ever met. so eager to help and is inquisitive but not pushy and giving you the third degree about everything. so we sit down to dinner and the three year old cries that he "hate this!" and wont even take a bite, runs across the street like i was trying to poison him with my evil veggies. (he comes back saying his mom gave him a hot dog. all was right in the world again) so much for my big plan to fill them up with good food huh? i can only try so much. auggie ate fine and xavier picked out all of the potatoes, smooshed them between two crackers and proclaimed that he had invented a new sandwich. boys are fantastic. im glad they came over. every night during prayer augustine thanks Jesus for "the boys". its breaking my heart to move away from them and end their friendship.

augustine has been a delight lately.

-- stringing popcorn for the tree - he eating, i stringing and every so often laying claim to whatever random kernel i am trying to string.
-- cooking together
-- typewritter, tip, tip, tip, tip (we have danced around to this a lot lately)
-- stating his case much like a mini-lawyer as to why he should be allowed to eat candy canes all day

olive agrees (but of course gets shut down)

who needs a dish washer when youve got baby drool!

this is my footstool while i work on the computer

she is not hard to love at all

oh and i started my new job from home this week transcribing medical reports.


saylor days said...

cute pictures! you are wonderful for trying to help out the mother with her children.she must be so tired.
your day in the life post is great! being a 'stay-at-home-mom' is a tough,24hour constant job and you work hard.many kudos to you!! you are an awesome mommy and homemaker

Carissa said...

jenny, did you have any training to do the transcription job? i work in the medical field already, but i've always been intimidated by transcribing...
perhaps it's just me being a bit of a sissy.
anyway, thanks for the adorable videos.

Emilie said...

To transcribe is the same thing as translate? What languages are you talking?

jenny mae. said...

carissa - no i have had no formal training. it requires a few things - a working knowledge of medical terminology (which as you might guess varies greatly between whatever the doctor's office does), a computer, and ability to type quickly. that's really it!

emilie - by transcribe i mean i write medical reports from a dictated tape that the doctor has given me.

rayray said...

aw...avi is 2.5 and still likes to sit under the computer desk while i'm on the computer!

i'm having baby #2/homebirth sometime in the next few days, week, whenever she wants to come. :D my EDD is dec 20th though. wheeee! i can't wait to be able to bend at the waist! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, her laugh is the most darling thing ever.

Missparker said...

Will baby laughter ever get old? I think not.

I bet it meant the world to your friend that you hung out with her boys for a while and gave her a much needed break. It seems like such a simple and obvious thing to do, but those are usually the things we need the most and don't ask for. Nice try with the veggies :)

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if you could tell me where exactly you got your job from? i would really love a work from home job and have thought of doing this but haven't found any real info on it online. i think i would definitely qualify for the job considering i can type about 90 words a minute, so i'm definitely interested in the job.

if you have a moment please send me an email with any info you can give me.

thank you so much.

Corin said...

I'm on the verge of calling the cops on my neighbor too! This teenage boy thinks it's GREAT to play his drum set OUTSIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ALLEY ten feet away from my daughter's bedroom window WHILE SHE'S NAPPING! Ugh.

jenny mae. said...

aahhhhh!! i would be livid!

Anonymous said...

oh. transcribing. oh. my mama used to do this for an insurance company. and somehow she got stuck with a batch that were all life insurance claims on children and teenagers. it was their parents on the phone explaining what had happened to their babies. i came into her office to bring her a snack and she was bawling but still trying to type. it was so sad. she ended up not being able to make it through that batch at all and had to send it back. whatever you do dont take the insurance claim tapes.
-lurker lauren <3